Call of Duty: Black Ops III – How to Get High Rounds on Kino Der Toten

This will tell you how to get on high rounds in Kino. (Works for BO1 and BO3) Don’t screw up like i did, or else this guide won’t help you at all…. Back to the guide!

Starting Your High Round Proccess

You want to buy Quick Revive, (if you are doing this on solo) and then get as many points as possible by shooting twice then knifing. Only on round 1. You don’t have to stay in the spawn room, but you can if you want, once you have 3000 points or more, open as much as you can and buy a weapon or two. If you have turned on the power, go ahead and link the teleporter to the pad so you won’t have to do it later. Now, start running in a circle like this. I will have an image to show you. Do that to start your proccess!

Side Stuff

Buy other perks like Jugg, Speed Cola, ect. Get Pack A Punch to make your weapons stronger. Just keep training until you die, this is a really simple way to reach high rounds. By the way wall weapons will give you a better advantage of a high round because you can buy ammo for them. Once you do this, you be pretty good at Kino and show your friends! Remember this stategy! And don’t die!!

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