Call of Duty: WWII – Tips for Getting Gold for M1 Bazooka

This guide will give you some tips for achieving the Gold camo for the M1 Bazooka.

What You’ll Need First

All credit goes to PanMan!

A class dedicated to using the M1 Bazooka
The primary weapon of that class being something relatively weak to discourage you from using it

The First 9 Camos

The first 9 camo challenges require you to destroy 100 scorestreaks with the Bazooka.

To easily take down Recon Planes:

  • Aim down sights
  • Wait for the plane to enter your sights on the edge of the Bazooka’s iron sights
  • As soon as you see the plane enter your sights, FIRE

As for Counter-Recon Planes:

  • Aim down sights
  • Do a similar thing to the Recon Plane, but instead of it just entering your sights, get it just outside of the Bazooka’s iron sights
  • Once you see it outside of the iron sights, FIRE

The reason you can’t do the same thing as the Recon Plane is because the Counter-Recon speeds up when rockets are nearing it.

The Last 5 Challenges

The last 5 challenges each require different, specific tasks for you to do.

Destroying 2 streaks in one life.

  • Self explanatory, just try not to die, and use a strong primary to stay alive.
  • Play gamemodes like Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint, as they award players tons of score for playing the objective, which means lots of scorestreaks.

Destroying 5 streaks in one match.

  • Once again, self explanitory.
  • Also again, play Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint, as there will be tons of streaks in the air.

Destroying 5 streaks within 20 seconds of deploying the M1 Bazooka.

  • Don’t pull out the Bazooka until you spot the scorestreak.
  • Quickly aim at it and fire

Getting 10 direct impact kills.

  • Here is where it starts getting tough.
  • Get close to your enemy to guarantee the kill

Getting 5 double kills.

  • This is byfar the toughest challenge of all of them for the M1 Bazooka, since it’s so incredibly weak.
  • Remember, it doesn’t matter if you get a triple or quad, as long as you got two kills in a row with the launcher.
  • And remember, the timer for getting double kills is pretty short, so be quick and make sure your targets are close.
  • Wait for enemies to bunch up close together to guarantee killing at least 2 with your 2 rockets.
  • Play gamemodes like Domination, War, and Hardpoint, any gamemode where they start bunching up.


If you have completed these challenges, then you will be awarded the gold camo for your M1 Bazooka!

Call of Duty: WWII - Tips for Getting Gold for M1 Bazooka

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