Pit People – All Secret Lever Locations

Lever locations placed on the overworld map. Includes all 4 areas, each with 6 levers.


A short guide that shows the locations of the secret levers in each area of Pit People, as they would appear in the world map (opened by pressing F1 in-game).

The location of each Lever is represented by a black hexagon with yellow star inside.

Ignore following elements in the maps, as their locations are randomly decided by the game:

  • City (Blue hexagon-shaped city).
  • Mr. Whispers (The guy who weares helmet, sunglasses and jacket). 

Don’t be confused by places like Manor of Whoa, Horatio’s Farm and Tinkletown (the giant toilet), as they and many more landmarks appear in each map. Maps are easiest to separate from each other by looking at the center of the map: Is there a river crossing nearly splitting the map (Riverlands), or a desert extending to the NE (Desert Center), is it mostly grass (Greenlands) or has a graveyard there (Grave Center)?

Area #1: Desert Center

This area has 6 Buttons (Pedestals with Green Buttons).

Pit People - All Secret Lever Locations

Start from top, then moving clockwise:

  • Unnamed area (North of Castle Shredmore)
  • Fields of the Gastromancer
  • Woods of Serious Wrongness
  • Honeyhaunch’s Hideout
  • Treat Retreat Retirement Home
  • Chasm of Deep Thoughts

Area #2: Greenlands

This area has 6 Levers.

Pit People - All Secret Lever Locations

Clockwise from top:

  • Manor of Whoa
  • Fudge Maker’s Bay
  • King Dualcore’s Robozone
  • Dumpy Times Vale
  • Goldie Twist’s Basin of Buttes
  • The Lost Fountain of Ruth

Area #3: Grave Center

This area has 6 Switchboards.

Pit People - All Secret Lever Locations

Starting from top, moving clockwise:

  • Stay-Put Penitentiary
  • Terror Twig Passage
  • Islands of Impalement
  • The I-52 Low Way
  • The No Friend Zone
  • Forest of Rotten Delights

Area #4: Riverlands

This area has 6 Chalice-looking things (Blue Pedestals).

Pit People - All Secret Lever Locations

Starting from top, then moving mostly counterclockwise to the closest node:

  • Happy Birthmaze
  • Lushabye Lane
  • Manor of Whoa
  • Snake Pits of Tranquility
  • Temple of Assume
  • The Sea of Spikes

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