SCP: Secret Laboratory – Casual Gameplay Tips

You struggle with survival? You see other players do things you deem impossible? Worry not, this is a small guide, but with tips that might just save your life (and prevent you from becoming completely insane)!

Gameplay Tips

All credit goes to Lopri!

  • When running away, if there is an open door, press the button and quickly slip through before it closes. This allows you to close the door without going through it first and having to stand and turn around to close it. This works especially well in the room in light containment, where one door opens and the other closes, with you having to run to the button on the little side-corridor, which can be avoided with this trick. 
  • You can open doors by pressing “E” on the door itself, instead of the button. 
  • Hold “C” to walk, then you don’t make any noise. 
  • When playing as a human class it is best to be in pairs incase you run into 173, then you go back to back. The one in the front opens doors and makes a path while the one in the back is watching (And shooting) 173 while running backwards and closing the doors open by the guy in the front. 
  • As the old man (SCP-106) create a portal in front of the containment chamber, where people land when they get out of the pocket dimension. Once you send someone in the pocket dimension, if you want them dead for sure, teleport there and catch them instantly again. Otherwise place them into positions where people will flee to. F.e. at lifts A and B, the ones that are practically the transition from heavy into light containment and vice versa. Then f.e. if you are in heavy containment and chase people to lift B, where you have a portal on the other floor, you can catch them right when they come out of the elevator by teleporting instead of taking the lift.
    Another good place for a portal is in the room where the nuke can be activated/deactivated. 
  • To make people zombies as the doctor (SCP-049) you need to stay at their corpse after you killed them (going away doesn’t let you do it, probably for balancing) and press E. The more people you zombify, the faster you will be doing it.
  • To have fun playing the computer (SCP-079) you need to work together with other SCPs. F.e. if our ever-so-slow 049 is chasing people, close and lock the door to trap them in a hallway. Be creative and communicate.
  • As the stature (SCP-173) it is of biggest importance, more than with any other “class”, to use your ears and prepare ambushes. You usually won’t get anywhere when people know where you are. Here again it is best to work together with other SCPs to put pressure on your foes.

SCP: Secret Laboratory - Casual Gameplay Tips

  • Press E on these to loot them.
    Might contain key cards, radios, flashlights, and an as of yet useless coin.
  • As D-class try not to stick around scientists. Usually NTF will find you if you stay with them (at least in my experience so far) or, if they get a gun, they will shoot you (either of malice or mistrust, especially in SCP-914).
    As a scientist you obviously also face this threat from the D-class and Chaos Insurgency (though chaos is less common than NTF, especially at the start of rounds). 
  • You don’t need to kill D-class as NTF. With the disarmer you can handcuff them. Then they might be used for containing 106 😉 Beware though that they, for some messed up reason, can still open doors.
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