Oldage – Buffs Guide

Understanding the deeper buff mechanics is key to becoming a good player! How every buff works is not always obvious, but here you can quickly look up all you need to know.
This guide will teach you everything about this topic and will prepare you to take on the world!


Is this a guide for you?

This guide is for advanced beginners and beyond. You should have a good grasp on the basic mechanics of the game, knowing the units and how the basic actions work is necessary for getting use out of this guide. If you have that down, you should be able to get use out of this guide regardless of your skill level, as it contains many nuances that players overlook.

The aim of the guide

Oldage has many strategic aspects, like positioning, or the units you choose to go into battle with. But, tactics are equally important, and this is what this guide is for: giving you an in-depth understanding of the buffs and improving your tactical play.

Not understanding buffs causes new players to make many mistakes, hopefully this guide will give you the information you need to avoid these blunders. All information given should be easy to put into action, and will result in a higher win-rate.

I wanted to make this guide as compact and accessible as possible, so from here on out I will try to stay rather brief, but informational.

The Buff Cheatsheet

Currently there is a bug that sometimes displays the health and buffs on units incorrectly! So watch out and trust this sheet over the in-game display! (This message will be removed once the bug is fixed)

Knowing the buffs by heart is a matter of experience, and separates the average player from the expert player. Not understanding how they work results in wasted time, excessive or unexpected damage, and general frustration. Until you understand the buffs fully, use this table for reference. Many unnecessary defeats can be avoided!

Oldage - Buffs Guide

Buffs lost on hit will be lost no matter how much damage the unit takes! This means that even 0 damage attacks will remove these buffs.

Buffs lost when attacking are only lost when the attack actually hits another unit!

Important Interactions

In this section I do not want to go into every single combination that could occur. Instead I want to provide you with a set of general principles, which will enable you to solve unique situations. All examples given are just for a better understanding. So be creative and make the very best out of your turns!

The poison wear-off

If a unit takes poison damage and is left with 1 health, the poison will wear off. This means that poison will only kill by itself the very first time it deals damage.

Sermon and attacks

Mind your order! If you debuff an enemy unit with the Priest, and then attack it afterwards, the effect will be canceled, so think about what the Priest’s attack is supposed to accomplish.

Poison and damage buffs

Damage buffs applied to a unit will also effect how much damage their poison deals!
Poisoning an enemy with a Plague Doctor, retreating and buffing him with the King will cause the poison to do 2 damage. Vice-versa, using a priests attack action on a poison dealing unit will cause the poison to do 0 damage. All buffs are lost after death! So if somebody kills the Plague Doctor you buffed or debuffed, the effect will not carry into next turn.

The Pikeman and the Priest’s shield

The Priest’s shield will block 1 damage before the damage multiplier of a drunk Pikeman applies. This means, if a drunk Pikeman is attacked for 1, the Priest’s shield will block the one damage and no damage will bleed through. If a pikeman is attacked for 2, however, the Priest’s shield will absorb 1, and the remaining 1 will be multiplied for 2 damage to the Pikeman.

The Maiden and poison

The Maiden’s shield will only block physical damage, not poison This is why poison is her greatest enemy. Not only will she take the damage but it also will destroy her guard if she was shielded, since taking damage lowers her shield.

Charging units and attacks

When a charging unit is attacked, it will cancel its action! This trick can be used in a variety of ways. Note that the Bishop’s defense also makes him charge!

The Bishop’s defensive and buffs

Using the Bishop’s defence on a unit will remove any buff. This even includes the Maiden’s shield buff. Maybe you can set up a turn that will catch your opponent off guard.

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