VRChat – How to Fly

Please note: All credit goes to DaymanLP!

Read about climbing walls, hovering, flying and taking wing in VRChat!

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So, the easiest part of breaking game’s engine – Climbing

You just should go close to the obstacle you want climb, hold Shift and start spamming Spacebar.
You can also use some scripts in order to make it easier, but I wouldn’t recommend it to use, because you can lose some interest in this. Theoretically. I wrote script to climb walls and I will upload it, if you will ask for.

So, yeah, just spamming Spacebar with pressed Shift.

But sometimes it can be really hard, so get ready for hardcore climbs.


The easiest part of flying – Hovering

Get on any obstacle, then jump from it and start spamming W very fast.
You can also hold Shift to make hovering faster.


Almost the most interesting part of breaking VRChat’s engine – Flying

Okay, don’t forget that you can use your own features of flying, your own style and etc.
Because it’s much harder to explain.

For first, get on the high place.

Then, jump and spam W or any another key you use to move forward. You can hold Shift to hover faster.
You will only fall much slower and move forward while falling.

To fly, you will have to lose much time of training all skills described earlier.

It sounds very easy, like:

Just jump, spam W and Spacebar with holded Shift.

But in fact, it’s really hard at first attempts.

Okay, as I said, jump, start hovering but with spamming Spacebar. You will jump in air a bit. If you will not, try to change your avatar or rejoin the server. I don’t know how these things are connected, but they worked for me.

You don’t have to rest in flying, because any mistake can cause loss of control.

Taking Wing

The most impressive and the hardest part of breaking VRChat’s Unity configurations – Taking Wing

After ~1-2 hours of practicing, you can learn how to take wing from the plain surface.

Just jump, spam W, Spacebar and hold Shift.

Yeah, I know, it sounds even easier than flying, but it’s much harder.

Don’t forget that you can combine skills!

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