Nantucket – Human Enemies and Bosses

War Canoes

Unique ability –
Sharpened Spears:
this enemy’s attacks inflict the Bleeding status on his targets.

War canoes can be fought in Main Mission 5 and in The Northwest Passage quest 2 if you choose to do so, but in order to complete Main Missions 6 and 9 you’ll need to beat several canoe encounters. They can also appear in minor quests that involve finding lost ships.

Fights against war canoes are similar to sea creatures encounters, but your crew members will use pistols instead of harpoons to defeat them, so having Men-at-Arms in your crew will allow you to use their special skills against them; conversely, Harpooners’ skills will be disabled during canoe encounters.

Their War Chant skill can turn them into really dangerous enemies, so play defensively every time they place their skill cards over their character cards, but otherwise play offensively to end the encounter as soon as possible.

Once defeated, canoes will yield a random number of barrels of any resource but blubber and oil.


Unique ability –
this enemy deals +50% damage in the first round.

Pirates can be fought every time you run into the ships that patrol pirate areas or in Main Missions 3 and 4 if you choose to do so. They also must be fought in Cook quest 4.

Fights against pirates are completely different from canoe or sea creatures encounters due to two reasons:

  • First, you’ll only be allowed to bring three crew members to the fight, so I recommend always bringing your captain, a hunter, preferably a Man-at-Arms, and a scientist, preferably a Field Doctor. 
  • Secondly, each character will be allowed to use skills during every round, which means that if you’re lucky you’ll be able to play 1-3 actions during every round, but, conversely, enemies will always play 3 actions at the start of every round.

Due to the above-mentioned peculiarities, fighting pirates is always very dangerous, as if RNG isn’t favorable to your characters they can easily end up dead in a few rounds. However, once you beat a pirate encounter, you’ll be able to plunder the attacking pirate ship, which will award you some $ and a random number of barrels of any resource, including blubber and oil.

If you defeat a pirate captain when he boards your ship, the pirate area that his ship patroled will disappear from the map.

Note: during Bass quest 3 you’ll have to fight Guards, which are similar to pirates, except for their unique ability, No Mercy, which grants them a +50% damage buff against targets that have ≤ 25% of their Max HP. Guards that haven’t said ability will behave like pirate captains, meaning that they’ll be able to use the No Quarter skill.

Boss: Diabolito

Unique ability
– The Devil’s Touch:
this enemy’s attacks inflict the Bleeding status on his targets.

This is a pirate boss that can be fought in Main Mission 4 if you choose to confront him once he reveals Gardiner’s location. He has 50 HP and will be accompanied by two pirates.

This boss fight functions the same way as any other pirate encounter, so remember to bring a Man-at-Arms and a Field Doctor to the fight if possible and try to kill Diabolito first, as he’ll behave like a pirate captain, meaning that he’ll be able to use the No Quarter skill.

Boss: Chief Koyah

Unique ability –
Frenzy of Raven:
this enemy’s damage output increases by 50% every time he is hit.

This is a war canoe boss that must be fought at the end of Main Mission 9. He has 80 HP and will be accompanied by two war canoes. I recommend bringing at least 1 level 9 Man-at-Arms and 3 level 9 Whaler Men to the fight.

This boss fight will end as soon as you kill Chief Koyah, so you won’t need to defeat the 2 war canoes that will accompany him, but, in order to avoid getting overwhelmed, I recommend doing so nonetheless.

During the boss fight you should always prioritize removing Chief Koyah’s attack cards, as his unique ability will increase his attack power to ridiculous levels as the fight progresses, which will allow him to one-shot any of your crew members if you give him the chance. You should also avoid his unique skill as often as possible, as if he manages to use it there’s a high chance that one or more of your crew members will end up dead in the next round.

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