An Aspie Life – Achievement Guide

Basic hints on getting some achievements in the game.

The Ending to a Story with a Better Tomorrow

This is the order in which i played to get this, so it may be possible to get it faster:

  • Get groceries from food mart and bump into the girl.
  • Bring groceries home before time is up.
  • Go out when journal updates to dilapidated building.
  • Save guy falling with the rope he throws.
  • Make it back to the house in time, play video games if you so desire.

Day 2

  • Get pushed around by bullies.
  • Find the machine parts.
  • Pipe rod and transformer are in the dilapidated building.
  • Alternatively, a transformer can be found on floor 3 of the hotel to the right of your home.
  • Transformer windings can be found on the second floor of the dilapidated building, or one in the bank.

Friends Follow You to the End

This one is a bit tricky, but easy once you know the steps.

On day 1, go to the grocery store all the way on the left get a bag, and pick up some food item. Walk to the right of the store and bump into the girl. While talking to her, make sure you look at her enough to fill th “look” bar, and talk to her. Keep in mind you can use the cellphone if you get stuck.

After, buy the food and a journal entry should pop up mentioning you need to go home. Bring the food home before 19:00, and a journal entry should pop up mentioning the girl and you wanting to find her.

Head to the arcade, get a bag, put a game in the bag, and walk to the right of the store to bump into her again. While talking, try to look at her some more until the leave option is no longer allowed, and continue the conversation. After, she should ask if you want to play some games, she pays.

While playing, the first time it was just my screen, but after exiting the arcade game, it went back in and showed a double screen one of me and one of her. Just play if you want (now wouldbe a good time to get the 1000 kills achievement). Run out of lives whenever, and upon exit this should happen.

An Aspie Life - Achievement Guide

After this, you will talk again and she says she wants to meet again tomorrow around the sametime here, unless something big happens. Now, go home.

Day 2: Go straight to the arcade, get bullied, she’ll pop in and save you, and then bring her home after she suggests it. She will start to talk about how she thinks she may know you, and now you have to jog your memories. Use the cellphone as you like and try to get key words to use. At the end of the cutscene, the achievement should pop.

20 Kills Shoot Man….200 Kills Shoot Man….1000 Kills Shoot Man….

Inside of the arcade, there is a arcade machine that you can play on. It requires 1 coin per life, so i would have atleast 10 coins on you to be safe (about 30 hits per life, and it took me 9 coins). This achievement set takes about 10 minutes total if you are fast.

Save before playing the machine if you run out of coins before hitting 1000 kills, and for the following achievement.

Well… Crap! Never Ever Steal Stuff

When you need to buy some food, rather than pay enter the dialgue with the clerk, press the right arrow key, press leave, and begin to walk away. You will then be detained and the achievement will pop.

Never Let Him Fall

In the dilapidated building, save the guy when he throws you the rope (pretty much just walk up to him, then walk away to pull the rope).

This must be done on day 1, after you go home the first time (when you can go out until late).

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