The Letter – Through Thick and Thin Achievement Guide

A guide to getting the Through Thick and Thin Achievement.


All credit goes to Essence of Zem!

This is a simple guide for getting the Through Thick and Thin achievement. Since I had some issues myself with picking the right choices to keep the Friendship Meters high enough between Zach, Isabella, Ash, and Becca, I thought I would share the route that ended up working for me. Only choices relevant to this achievement will be listed; if a choice is not listed, you should be free to pick whatever without messing anything up. This is a pretty spoiler-free guide, but it does include the choices needed to keep the four friends alive through their various chapters, so reader beware.

Note: This may not be the only path through the game to get this achievement.

Chapter 1: Isabella

Classroom w/ Becca

  • I eat other things too!

Car w/ Ash

  • Change the subject

Movie Theater

  • Stay for the movie
  • Meet with the professor

Café w/ Zach & Becca

  • My instant noodle days are over!

Café w/ Ash

  • I know you’re trying to help


  • You’re not bad after all

Belle’s Apartment

  • Go to work

Chapter 2: Hannah

Pick whatever choices you’d like.

Chapter 3: Zachary

Zach’s Apartment w/ Isabella

  • Tell the truth

Zach’s Apartment w/ Isabella & Ashton

  • I cooked up a feast!

Zach’s Apartment

  • Show the photo to Ash


  • She’s married to one now
  • It’s really just a gig

Zach’s Apartment w/ Isabella & Ashton

  • We can still fix this


  • Keep looking for Ash

Chapter 4: Marianne

Pick whatever choices you’d like.

Chapter 5: Rebecca

Movie Theater

  • This cold caught up with me

Belle’s Apartment – Phone Call

  • Sorry for the trouble

Apartments Balcony w/ Belle

  • Is this why you didn’t go home last night?

School – Dinner Invite

  • I have other things to do

Apartments Balcony w/ Ash

  • Tomorrow afternoon, do you have time?

Apartments Balcony w/ Belle & Ash

  • I-I might’ve seen her


  • Head for the door

Chapter 6: Ashton

Apartments Balcony

  • Insist it’s confidential

BRC Office

  • Tell me about him

Isabella’s Apartment

  • Take her offer
  • You’re–You’re okay
  • Are you alright?


  • I’d feel better if I don’t have to worry about you
  • Agree with Rebecca
  • Offer a vague answer


  • Beg him to listen

Chapter 7: Luke

Pick whatever choices you’d like.


The achievement should pop when the gallery image for it loads during the epilogue. It shows up after Ashton’s various epilogue bits.

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