Octopus Bar – 100% Achievement Guide

A simple guide explaining each achievement in the game.


Welcome to the OctopusBar

You will get this upon turning around, opening the door, and walking through. You’ll be transported to the bar, and the achievement should pop.


You are a good catcher!

Open the door of the vault looking box the octopus shows you, and catch a chicken. Give it to the octopus.

Octopus Bar - 100% Achievement Guide


You popped them all!

After giving the chicken to the octopus, a new basket will be shown to you. Open that up, and pufferfish will come everywhere. Then, you’ll be given a crossbow weapon thing, except it shoots ninja stars. Just shoot each and every one of the pufferfish and the achievement pops.

Octopus Bar - 100% Achievement Guide


Let him fly!

Shoot all of the mini ghosts around the forst that you can see, and eventually after you shoot a bunch of them, tons will appear and turn into a dragon. Then, the achievement pops and the game is 100%’d.

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