Dead Island – One Is All I Need Achievement Guide

This guide will show an in depth way on easily gaining the One is all I need achievement.

One Is All I Need Achievement

All credit goes to Mjozerov!

Kill 5 infected in a row with a single blow.

You will have plenty of oppurtunities to get this achievement. As long as you do not progress too far in the story, you can always come back to this same location and use this method to get the achievement. The first easy and natural oppurtunity is toward the end of Act 1 during the main quest Seek’n’Loot. Here you will travel to the south west corner of the map to the City Tunnel Gas Station. Once you get here to progress you will have to complete the quest Waterdance by turning off the 3 power sources. One of them is above the City Tunnel that has 3-4 cars on fire inside. Here is the best place to get the achievement.

When you approach the tunnel there are infected that are on fire that come rushing out at you. There will be 4 infected that will do this at a time, one after the other and usually around 15 seconds apart. Whats nice about this method is if you let their health drop low enough but not too low from the fire damage you can pretty easily take them out with one hit even if you dont aim for the head. You can run away from them or use the car as cover until there health is low enough to strike. You can also jump on the very top of the red truck nearby and they will not recognize you. This gives you more time for their health to drop and for you to be safe. Wait for their health to drop low enough from the fire then strike. Use this process to take them out one at a time until you have the achievement. You can keep track of you progess in the in game achievement section.

Another method is to kick them once and only once, and then jump on the roof of the car or climb up the ladder nearby. This will allow the remaining fire damage kill them off and you in result killing them in one blow.

Once the infected have stop coming out, you will have to leave the area and come back again for more to spawn. You can simply run up the road you initially came from and run back. This will allow more infected to spawn in the tunnel. You dont need to run up the road very far but atleast past the rock arch. Make sure you dont damage anything, if you do your progress will be reset. And if you have too you can also reload your last checkpoint and come back to the tunnel without damaging anything and more will always spawn this way.

There are some things you can do beforehand to make it easier:

  • Make sure your health is full.
  • Make sure you have your most powerful weapon fully repaired and upgraded (modifications also help). 
  • If you need a weapon on the way to the gas station after you pass the tunnel there is a mob of zombies to your left trying to get in a fence to get to Harlan. Kill them and talk to Harlan and he will give you an easy quest Make Yourself at Home. Complete this and he will give you a powerful bat you can use for this achievement. And there is also a workshop you can use to repair and upgrade if you need. 
  • Kill all the zombies leading too and at the gas station. There are some infected and walkers in the area that can sneak up behind you and mess up your streak. Best wait and kill them all first. 
  • If you are running out of health, the ladder to the right of the tunnel entrance leads up to some health recovery items. 
  • Its recommended but not necessary to do this mission or visit this location early on so the zombies health isnt too high and it doesnt take as long for their health to go down from the fire. 

Dead Island - One Is All I Need Achievement Guide
Dead Island - One Is All I Need Achievement Guide

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