Drift Zone – Money Grinding Guide

How to earn a lot of money – tips and tricks!


Money grinding in Drift Zone is theoretically very easy, but it requiers a little of your time (this is a core of GRIND of course 😉 ). Below i will try to explain how to make this process enjoyable and fast.

If you are a new player, i highly recommend upgrading your first car (Bunia E30) to maximum level – EXTREME performance pack. With this car and a little bit of drifting skills you can complete almost 3/4 tracks with 3 stars rating. That gives you a huge amount of cash for new cars. Rewards for achieved stars on each track:

  • 1 star – 500 $
  • 2 stars – 2 000 $
  • 3 stars – 10 000 $

But remember – reward for each star can be received only once.

Drift Zone - Money Grinding Guide


After completing level with 3 stars result, you can unlock access to three Bonus Events for this track. Each Bonus Event contains described tasks to complete (for example beat the legendary score or drive with average speed of 40 KM/H). These events are great chance to grab additional cash, because you will always get a reward for completing them.

Drift Zone - Money Grinding Guide

Every time you finish the race you will get a little additional reward depending from scored points (about 20 %, for example if your score is 10 000, you will get 2 000 $).

In Multiplayer races you can also gain some cash – each win gives you 5 000 $.

Personal Advice

Time for my favorite grinding methods. For Bunia E30 with EXTREME performance pack the best track are:

  • Circuit Drift -> Fuji 1
  • Circuit Drift -> Fuji 2

On these tracks you can easily score a huge amount of points and Bonus Events are not hard to complete.

And if you have better car (for example JDM 2), the best track to money grinding is Track -> Irwindale 2. This track is very fast to complete and with a little bit of skill & luck you can always get rewards from all Bonus Events.

Drift Zone - Money Grinding Guide

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