GTA: Vice City – All Collectibles Guide


Hidden Packages

There are, just like in GTA III 100 Hidden Packages spread around Vice City. Tommy will receive something for every 10 packages. All weapons will be dropped at every safehouse and they will also have an unlimited supply. Here is a list of all the rewards:

  • 10 Packages: some Body armor 
  • 20 Packages: A Chainsaw 
  • 30 Packages: A Python 
  • 40 Packages: A Flamethrower 
  • 50 Packages: The Sniper 
  • 60 Packages: A Minigun
  • 70 Packages: A Rocket Launcher
  • 80 Packages: A Sea Sparrow will spawn near the Vercetti Estate.
  • 90 Packages: A Rhino Tank will spawn on the Fort Baxter Air Base.
  • 100 Packages: A Hunter will spawn on the Fort Baxter Air Base and on the helipad near Lance Vance’s house. (Ocean Beach) also, Tommy will be awarded with $100,000.

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