Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Blacksmith Mikesh’s Song (Tricks of the Trade)

The song for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of learning the fishy thighs and fishy breasts song, for Tricks of the Trade quest.

Main Contents

The sun sets out across the skies; he looses his way, To the forge he flies.
Kuttenburg is far, far away, Kuttenberg is far here i’ll stay.
My breath is short, my feet are sore. i’d buy a horse, but I am poor.
The sun may burn, the sun may shine, but you’ll not wither, darling mine.

Now for the last time…

The sun he hides behind a cloud; his heart goes cold and his fire goes out.
He drowned the fish and broke its neck, thew it down upon the deck.
Fry your fish, the fish head’s best, fishy thighs and fishy breast.

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