20 Minutes Till Dawn – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


There are 24 achievements. The majority of them are self explanatory but I will give tips on how to get all of them, please check the Hard achievements section for the tips.

How many achievements are there?

  • Character achievements:… 7
  • Weapon achievements:… 7
  • General achievements:… 5
  • Hard achievements:… 5

Quickplay mode does not count.

Character Achievements

  • Survive Darkness 15 with Shana.
  • Survive Darkness 15 with Diamond.
  • Survive Darkness 15 with Scarlett.
  • Survive Darkness 15 with Hina.
  • Survive Darkness 15 with Spark.
  • Survive Darkness 15 with Lilith.
  • Survive Darkness 15 with Abby.

Weapon Achievements

  • Use the Revolver to survive Darkness 15.
  • Use the Shotgun to survive Darkness 15.
  • Use the Crossbow to survive Darkness 15.
  • Use the Flame Cannon to survive Darkness 15.
  • Use Dual SMGs to survive Darkness 15.
  • Use the Batgun to survive Darkness 15.

General Achievements

  • Survive the full 20 minutes.
  • Survive the night on Darkness 1.
  • Survive the night on Darkness 5.
  • Survive the night on Darkness 10.
  • Survive the night on Darkness 15.

Hard Achievements

On the Edge

  • Survive the night with 1 Max HP at the end.

You can do this on Darkness 1.

You can also try and get “Nimble” in the same run and aim to survive without getting hit.

I recommend using Hina with shotgun and make sure to select “Tome of speed” and “Tome of power” to reduce your max health.


  • Survive the night without getting hit.

As mentioned above, you can do this in the same run as “On the Edge”.

Hina’s dash is good to avoid hitting enemies.

The best builds will typically either prioritise Summon Mastery or Mini Clip.

Gotta Catch ‘Em all

  • Survive the night with 8 summons at the end.

You must play as Shana to get the “Specialize” upgrade from one of the three mini bosses. This will triple the effect of the next upgrade you take.

You must use Specialize on a summon such as dagger, ghost, dragon or bug, then gradually unlock the rest normally.


  • Survive the night without firing your gun.

You must use Hina with grenade launcher.

Use Hina’s right click ability to kill enemies and focus summoner upgrades.

Prioritise dragon first. Then daggers, ghost, magic lens, glare, movement ect.

See below for ideal runes (You don’t need to be maxed, just level what you can).


  • Survive the night with Abby and the Grenade Launcher, and only using Abby’s special ability to fire.

Very similar to the “Pacifist” run, prioritising summoner upgrades, I also recommend a few HP upgrades. Bullet speed upgrades also increase grenade distance.

Movement speed upgrades will also help with avoiding close-call explosions.



  1. Gotta Catch ‘Em all
    Shana is a good pick for this one outside of specialize just for her ability to reroll to get the summon talents you need but she’s not a MUST pick for getting this achievement

    Here I just disagree in how you want people to go about it just because I found it to be a lot of fun without summons.

    Go for piercing (no close up detonations), bullet speed (they get away from you faster and lessen the risk that you walk into your own explosion) , bullet size (bigger explosions on detonation. could be a bad thing but I didn’t have any trouble with it with default move speed), and projectiles (for entire volleys of destruction)

    Avoid gun glyph, bounce, and splinter. All of these upgrades and runes fall under the category of randomized explosions are bad for your health. The rune gun glyph just makes moving around harder as it causes explosions to periodically go off that are not centered on you unless you stay in place. Splinter is very bad because dead enemies will drop explosives, which while fun is very bad for your health as they can and well get into you safety zone. Bounce is bad because the last thing you want is for a grenade to bounce back into your safety zone. Talk about Boomerangs. I’d also avoid movement speed boosts just to avoid the chance that you might move into an explosion zone while moving around

  2. You don’t need to use the grenade launcher to get the “pacifist” achievement. I used the pistol, personally.

  3. I got Pacifist with Shana, just kite the enemies until the exploding ones appear then proceed to blow up clumps of enemies by approaching the explosives and retreating, her rerolls and bonus xp or triplying the next upgrade helps your early game a lot

  4. For Pacifist, you can technically use any character by triggering the exploding enemies without getting hit, this allowed me to use Shana and triple an upgrade. Using Shana for this also allows re-rolling which can give you a better chance of finding the upgrades you need.

  5. Yeah unless Dedication Rune is bugged it’s really useless for your pacifist suggestion

    It gives you Summon Damage and Summon Speed if you have EXACTLY 1 Summon. So with the Dagger, Dragen and Ghost, yeah that’s three. Together with the Scythe and Dual Wield, that’s 5. Oh Magic Lense is also a summon.

    If Dedication works as descirbed, it’s really useless for summoner builds, unless you kill the Ghost and the Dagger with the Defense Rune to get the Scythe with maximum rotation speed. Maybe even triple scythe with Shana? Best to use the Grenade Launcher as well for some ranchy damage as it scales off of bullet damage

  6. gota catch them all can be done with Lilith if you get all the sumens (and bat gun). its much ezer

  7. Perfect guide at all, but I would really like to see recommendations how to do standart weapon and character achievements.

    AND ALSO Holy shield may help you with “Nimble”, bc if it blocks dmg, it doesn’t count like a getting a hit. Maybe it’s a bug, but it was the way I’ve got this achievement

  8. List of Summons:
    Runes: Seismic Ward, Gun Glyph
    Characters: Lilith’s Spirits, Hina’s Shadow Clone
    Guns: Batgun’s Bats
    Upgrades: Ghost Friend, Dragon, Magic Dagger, Second Magic Dagger, Scythe, Magic Focus, Electro Bug

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