20 Minutes Till Dawn – Beginners Guide

You try as hard as you can but keep dying to the freaking leaches? Then try this.

How to Win First Time

Pick Shana, She Is OP

Do you by any chance know a very popular rogue-like dungeon crawler game by the name of The Binding of Isaac? Well then, if you do, then you should know how powerful reroll is. Now pick Shana and proceed.

Play For a While and Get Stuff

Now play a little and then buy these things:

  • Shotgun (the most important one).
  • Courage rune (the second most important one, greatly boosts survivability).
  • Some other runes in the first row, damage, reload time, etc. (not really necessary, get them if you still have the money).

And you’re done! Proceed to pick Shana again, now with the doomguy blaster, and get ready to destroy.

Be Bold, Be Aggressive, Show Them Who’s the Boss

Now, to the build. The reason why we picked shotgun is because it is very good early game, being able to clear out hordes of low health enemies using it’s higher damage and natural pierce. However, it will be crucial for the late game either.

Get everything that gives you fire rate, damage (except maybe Big Shot, it’s kinda bad for fire rate, which is what we’re mainly aiming for), while keeping in mind that your main goal is to get the Mini Clip synergy. When you get it, you’re kinda set on the spamming part, and also you become so hard to hit it’s kinda stupid, cause your Courage rune knocks back enemies every time you reload, and, you know, you do that quite often having only one bullet…

Now get all the Frost upgrade tree, and it’s a win. Afterwards, you can get stuff like Health, Holy Shield and movement speed for convenience.

Kill everything in sight, with right upgrades, you’ll be able to handle it. It’s to get the most experience you can, thus giving Shana’s abilities the possibility to shine. When you kill the first boss (3 minute mark), you will get one of these three things:

  • Triple the next upgrade.
  • +40% exp.
  • Or the Halo.

Depending on what you get, here’s what you do:

  • Triple upgrade can win the game with enough luck. If you get frostbite while having triple upgrade, take it. Take it without any second thought. The reason is: when you freeze while having Frostbite, enemies’ HP falls to 75% instantly, meaning, x3, it would fall to 25%. It’s so broken that it’s stupid.
  • +40 exp. is cool. Giving you’re very aggressive, you’ll get much more levels than any other character would, which also helps a lot.
  • The Halo is, imo, the worst one. It’s best to get it at the start, when it’s easy to level up and it’s upgrades are significant.
  • You have officially become the god.
  • You’re like unkillable now. Literally. Go beat the game or something.

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