20 Minutes Till Dawn – Celestial Tips

Tips to Survive Darkness 15 with Luna

Enjoying the new character? Me neither

  1. Use dual smgs so you reload less.
  2. Use anything that refills or lets you not consume ammo, less reloading = less getting ♥♥♥ by the hole.
  3. Avoid rate of fire,less firing = less reloading = less getting ♥♥♥ by the hole.
  4. Avoid reload speed so you have a little more time deciding from which direction you´ll get ♥♥♥.
  5. Leave the double hole boss drop so you dont get ♥♥♥ by two sides.
Written by FUERTE

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  1. I have to strongly disagree with this one.
    First thing to note is, that her black holes always appears IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR CURSOR. So if the black holes work against you, you played it wrong.

    Tips to fully utilize her ability:
    1. Use Weapons with high pierce or area damage (e.g. Grenade launcher, Crossbow, flame cannon)
    2. Try to get area of effect abilities (e.g. Fireball, Ice Explosion, Lightning)
    3. Get reload speed and mini clip. With this you can stunlock enemys and most elites

    Why she is completly OP with the grenade Launcher:
    1. She gathers enemies on one point, where all can get hit by the explosions
    2. One Upgrade makes the black hole deal damage EQUAL TO YOUR WEAPON DAMAGE, which with the grenade laucher can ONESHOT MOST ENEMIES. (If you use the grenade launcher, dont get the upgrade, that makes her black hole shoot projectiles or you will blow yourself up)

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