20 Minutes Till Dawn – Darkness 15 Tips and Hints

Darkness 15 Advices

  • How bullets work in this game is that they last for X amount of time, going X speed. This means that the speed of the projectile affects the distance it travels.
  • The Shotgun, Batgun & Grenade launcher all benefit a lot from bullet speed. Shotgun can shoot further, the bat summons last a while longer and the grenade launcher has the ability to not blow up in your face (shoot further).
  • Shotgun benefits from the Ethereal rune, having infinite shots for up to 10 seconds.
  • Batgun benefits early from Cadence, every third shot your bat summons from that shot have increased damage and more importantly infinite pierce until the bullet time runs out. Don’t even need it higher than level 1, the pierce is amazing.
  • Grenade launcher benefits from consistent pierce, while only doing half damage on contact (not on the explosion) it allows you to hit nearby enemies without it blowing up in your face. DO NOT pick up Splinter or Fan fire.
  • The other guns are pretty straight forward in terms of use.
  • Pistol is versatile and good early.
  • Flame cannon is good for applying burn, pretty ♥♥♥ gun damage, wouldn’t recommend going for non-elemental builds.
  • Dual SMGs is like the pistol but not so good early, but makes up for applying on-hits twice and its reload. I recommend getting reload speed.
  • Idk what to say for crossbow, it enables reload build but I kinda think reload build doesn’t work past 10 minutes. The runes Aftershock & Courage are top notch early, allows you to get the full standing still bonus. Past 10 minutes I would recommend using ice perks to kill things (Maybe i’m just ♥♥♥ at using crossbow).

Final tip: make sure to have good runes for your build, they turn an unwinnable early or late game into a breeze.

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