20 Minutes Till Dawn – Diamond City Fat Man Minigun Build Guide

Ever wonder what it’s like to have the power of a nuke with the fire rate of a minigun? Then read this!

Guide to Diamond City Fat Man Minigun Build

Character Selection

  • Character: Diamond

Mainly for the reload speed increase from Berserk combined with mini clip, though it can work with any character if you’re not going for mini clip.

  • Weapon: Grenade Launcher


Must have: Healing & Growth (to be combined with Berserk)

Warning: Do not take splinter, bulk up or cadence you will kill yourself.



Shoot things. Take xp. Don’t stand in your blast radius and dont hug the things.

You should get the mandatory Haste + Run & Gun that’s required for every character (except Abby due to her spin not slowing her down)

Then focus on getting Penetration asap (which requires you to get Take Aim)

After getting Penetration you might notice that grenades deal 50% of their damage if they don’t explode, only penetrate. Adjust to that.

Next up on the to-buy list is Bullet Speed. Make sure you have more Bullet Speed than Bullet Size, else you’ll just shoot grenades that you can’t escape. The entire Take Aim tree provides Bullet Speed.

After you got Penetration and Bullet Speed you may get Fan Fire to start working towards Mini Clip. (Fresh Clip is the other required perk)

Next on the priority list is Bullet Size. Make sure your Bullet Size doesn’t exceed Bullet Speed. Big Shot increases Bullet Size.

For Regeneration sources, take the Vitality Tree and the Fire Tree. Do not take Giant unless you can deal with the movement speed penalty.

Do not take Glare, Holy Shield, Ice, Electricity, Summons unless the game offers you literally nothing else (which is hard to believe).


Hope you’re lucky and get Berserk. Strong Will is ok…

As for Tomes, get Power. Speed is fine. Rage is ok only if you don’t go the Mini Clip route.

Do not take Summon, Elements, or Elasticity as they will give you no benefit.

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