Farming Simulator 17 – How to Produce Wood Chips

This is the secret to get much money in the fisrt time of the game.

Cut the Trees

In the first time we must cut trees in hand manageable pieces, then we load them in a trailer.

Transport the Full Trailer to the Sawmill

Now we transport the trailer to the sawmill and we must get the wood chipper BA 725 D. We unload the trailer next to the wood chipper.

Start to Produce Wood Chips

Now we load the wood chipper and only when is full, we can start to produce wood chips (because if the wood chipper is working for all the time there are more costs if it was rent)(the unload pipe of the wood chipper must unload in the marked area), in this way we get money. Then we turn off the wood chipper.

P.S. The wood chipper must be setted in “unload here”.

Get More Money

Finally to get more money we must “load and unload the bucket with wood chips” (in the same area).

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