Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How to Give a Perfect Sermon for Father Godwin

How to get information from Father Godwin.

Perfect Sermon

  • [1] Begin the sermon confidently. 
  • [1] God stands at the head of the church. 
  • [1] Continue Harshly. 
  • [3] To sin is human. 
  • [1] Continue Harshly. 
  • [2] Criticise the prelates, but stand up for godwin.

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  1. I think the strength of your relative attributes is more important than which option you choose betwen Harshly/Lengthy/Modestly… and the content choices aren’t set in stone, either. I succeeded and my path was like this:

    Begin confidently.
    God stands at the head of the church.
    Continue harshly.
    To sin is human.
    Continue modestly.
    Criticise the prelates, including Godwin.

    You can see my last two choices were different, but I still succeeded. Just something for people to bear in mind. For the record, my adjusted stats were:

    Speech: 7
    Charisma: 9
    Strength: 8

  2. Wish there where more auto saves.

    Was being moaned at for being slow / late and ran passed him, instant fail….

    Now I’m back at last auto save with Sir Radzig. I could have carried on but I thought game was automatically saved early after seeing so many cs.

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