Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Making Money (Bandits)

This guide will discuss how Henry can make money from killing bandits, primarily from Sir Bernard’s quests.

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Once Henry enters the service of Sir Radzig Kobyla, the player can be tasked with killing bandit camps, this guide will show players what can be gained from doing as much as possible from these quests.


Sir Bernard will be give Henry quests to go and hunt down Camp Leaders, these will be men of above average skill at fighting and will be a tough opponent for new players, they will also be accompanied by about 3-4 men so be aware if you intend to rush into these fights, they can be difficult to defeat and can end your adventure quick if you don’t approach it right.


I would recommend; for new players, to attempt a stealthy approach, using ‘X’ to whistle, you can lure one enemy away at a time, knock them out and kill them, this can allow for an easy elimination process, just be sure to be a good distance away so only one of them is alerted.

For later players a preemptive strike would allow for one or two bandits to be cut down or at least injured before the fight begins.


Once the bandits are dead, the fun part begins.

When looting, you should take both the spurs from the camp leader, as this is required to complete the quest, aside from this, Sir Bernard will reward you for every pair of Bandit ears you collect, 25 G per kill, to be exact.

However, on top of the quest rewards these provide, if the player has completed the quest “The Prey”, they shall be rewarded with a horse, which has a use as a mobile storage unit.

Weapons & Amour, and other such goodies

On the bandits, and sometimes in their camp chest, you will find weapons, armour, and trinkets, anything worth a good fortune is worth taking, such as mail hauberks, bows, swords, etc.

The best thing about this loot, is that it is not marked as stolen, meaning it can be sold for a better price at merchants stores.


To get paid, simply speak to Sir Bernard, hand in both the trophies and the spurs, this will give you 40 G for the spurs, and 25 G per kill, providing you gathered ears from each bandit.

Concerning to loot, merely go into the Rattay Town Square and sell to each respective vendor.


This easy process can also be used for any bandits you find in the world, if killed, their gear and trinkets can be sold off to merchants without being marked as stolen, meaning this process is a good method of making money.

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