Gotta Go – 100% Achievement Guide

Simple Guide for the Achievements in this game.

Welcome Aboard!

All credit goes to ZelosZalis!

Complete the tutorial.

Description says it all, nothing tricky in this game’s tutorial, so this achievement is a freebie.


Complete a play through on hard difficulty.

Slightly difficult but not too bad, the biggest trick is stay focused. don’t take side trips for tps reports unless they are pretty much on your way, you want to keep constanty pressing for the objectives and try to shut coworkers up as much as your behavior report allows it as the conversation sequences in hard drag on a long time. Even with these tips Hard mode is a tad rng cause there are some layouts you’ll just be unable to win.

My winning topping combo: Beans, Ghost Chilis, Snake Meat.

Fart any time you’re in bushes or in a corner of a room where traffic is low and usually nobody will smell it at all, and even if they do ghost chilis will reduce the infraction substantually, lastly be very careful how you use your snake meat box, it may not seem like a huge cost unless you have to cross a large area, it adds up fast then.

Employee of the Year

Complete a play through on any difficulty without getting a single infraction.

Take your time, take your time, take your time. Its recommended to play on buttered toast and use the beans topping, on very easy with beans you can actually gain time back on the timer farting someplace safe back to back. Just remember to be careful when farting, cause if anyone smells it your run is ruined.


Unlock all the toppings.

Salsa Picante / Tell 20 Coworkers to shut up in a successful play.

  • Onions – Successful play on any difficulty
  • Sugar – Spend atleast 45 total seconds of a successful play sprinting
  • Leafy Greens – Spend atleast 45 total seconds of a successful play hiding in bushes
  • Sweetener – Have 7 coworkers chasing you at the same time in a successful play
  • Ghost Chilis – Successful play on any difficulty
  • Snake Meat – Do not sprint at all throughout a successful play
  • Beans – Successful play on any difficulty
  • Aromatic Spices – Fart on 20 coworkers in a successful play
  • Shrooms – Successful play in Hard difficulty
  • Cheese – Fart atleast 20 times during a successful play
  • Bacon Bits – Fart atleast 10 times without coworkers smelling it during a successful play
  • Sprinkles – Successful play on normal or higher

Every topping needs a “successful play” to unlock, so you have to clear all 6 floors.
Bacon bits and Aromatic Spices cannot be unlocked in the same run, if neither is unlocked and you meet the conditions for both, it will give you spices first.
If you get employee of the year, you’ll unlock snake meat, so you really don’t need to do a seperate run for both.

Office Bully

Tell 25 coworkers to shut up in a single successful play through on any difficulty.

Do this on buttered toast so the HR penalty is lower, also even with that you’ll need some TPS report turn ins to not be fired with that many tell offs.

Party Pooper

Soil yourself 25 times

Will prolly be the last achievement you unlock as the game is not overly hard so you shouldn’t lose 25 times before you have everything else, worth noting you actually have to soil yourself. Theres two ways to lose a game, soiling or getting fired, getting fired will not progress this achievement.

I’m Freakin Out, Man

Complete a play through with the shrooms topping enabled on any difficulty

The hardest part of this achievement is actually unlocking the topping, shrooms actually are a fun and somewhat helpful powerup so clearing a run with them will not be hard.

Office Ninja

Complete a level without alerting a single coworker on any difficulty.

Most easily done once you’ve unlocked the snake meat and beans toppings, play on buttered toast and take your time, if anyone remotely comes near you, go into your box.

Office Manager

Turn in 100 TPS reports.

This achievement is a little buggy, if you check your progress on the achievements page it’ll always be 0/100. I am pretty sure it actually doesn’t track progress correctly and you have to get 100 reports without closing the game. Note that it also says “turn in” collecting them is not enough.

Its easiest to do this on buttered toast difficulty with the shrooms topping, as you can easily see all reports and turn in bins in a level, very easy is also easy going so you can purposely mess around and cause infractions just to be able to turn in a report.

Sweet Susurrations

Fart 100 times

This will come naturally over the course of the game, if you’re really worried about it use the cheese topping so you auto fart.

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