Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Lockpicking

Since Lockpicking isn’t the easiest activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I’ll give you a short Guide.

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What You’ll Need

  • At least one Picklock

Lockpicks can be purchased at most retailers. Also you can get them from some quests in small numbers.


Very easy:

  • Very easy locks can be cracked at any skill level.


  • Even for easy locks you do not need a specific skill level, but here it is a bit trickier.


  • To crack hard locks, you’ll need at least level 5.

Very difficult:

  • For very difficult locks, at least level 6 is required, but some locks require the highest level.


Lasting Lockpicks:

  • Your lockpicks will be more durable and last twice as long. 


  • After successfully picking a lock, you have a 20% chance of any broken lockpicks returning to your inventory. 

Deft Grip:

  • The starting position when lockpicking will be closer to the end of the lock, making it easier to open. 

Luck of the Drunk:

  • It’ll be 30% easier for you to open locks when drunk, but it will also be 30% noisier. 

Silent Fiddler:

  • You’re able to work almost silently with a lockpick, even if the lockpicking isn’t going well. The noise a snapping lockpick makes is reduced by 90%. 

Lucky Thief:

  • If your lockpick breaks, you’ll have a 10% chance of opening the lock instantly.

Sixth Sense:

  • Your sixth sense will warn you if someone is about to catch you in the act of lockpicking, so you’ll have more time to escape.

Master Thief:

  • You can unlock easier locks automatically.

How To

1. Start the activity:

Stand in front of the lock you want to pick and press the action key “E” to commence the lockpicking (make sure you do this without anyone spotting you).

2. Find the Sweetspot:

At first you need to find the right spot with your cursor. The bigger it gets, the closer you are getting to the correct position. If it turns golden, you have found the ideal point.

3. Crack the lock:

Now comes the hard part: You have to turn the locking mechanism by pressing “D” while moving the lockpick relative to the ideal position. The cursor have to stay at the golden point the whole time. So you need to use your cursor to adjust the lockpick.

Tips and Tricks

  • Door locks are easier to crack in the darkness of the night, as you will not be discovered so quickly. 
  • Locks in rooms (chests) can be cracked more easily by closing the room door. Remember, however, that the owner can appear unexpectedly at any time. 
  • Ideally, you wait until the owners of buildings and chests are no longer nearby, or sleep. So you can concentrate on the lockpicking itself. 
  • Sells the stolen goods best to a handler. So you can’t be caught that easy. It may also be useful to sell small amounts of stolen goods to various dealers.
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