Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Party System

Party System

Even if you enjoy playing the game by yourself more, you need company of strong warriors to complete some of the quests and activities. With the help of the Party System, you can accomplish dungeon tasks, events, and many other activities much easier and faster with your friends.

You can invite players to create a party by right clicking their names in the chat panel, or clicking on them while holding Alt+T, or using the interaction panel that pops up on the side of the screen after you click on them. A party must involve maximum of 5 players.

The party leader can carry out party related operations by clicking on his/her name in the party panel on the left side of the screen.

Item Allocation Settings

  • When you select “In order”, the items are allocated to party members in order and according to their classes. 
  • When you select “Random”, the items are allocated randomly by rolling a dice.
  • The experince points earned through the quests completed as a party are allocated equally to each member. 

Party Name

The name of the party is chosen by the party leader.

Party leaders can also send private messages to the members, add or expel members, hand over his leadership to another member, or disband the party.

Party system has no remarkable advantages or disadvantages in terms of earning more experience points.

The more members you have in your party, the faster you open the treasure chests and collect rewards at the end of daily dungeon quests.

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