Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Trade System

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Trade System

There are 2 types of trade systems in the world of Phoenix Dyansty 2.

Market Area

There is a market area in the Western Market in Jiangdu. You can select Market Officer in the map panel to be automatically directed there.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Trade System

You see lots of stalls in the Western Market which help you trade your items.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Trade System

How to Open a Stall in the Market

When you complete ‘’Learn the Trade System’’ quest, you will receive a permanent item called ‘’Market Certificate’’ in your bag (quest section) which you will use to open your own stall.

There are two types of stalls in the market area.
Standard stalls are available for any player having a Market Certificate.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Trade System

Golden stalls, on the other hand, are more charming and attantion-grabbing. Only the players that have the Golden Stall Ticket in the Market page (P) in Extra section are allowed to open a golden stall. Each Golden Stall Ticket is for one use only.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Trade System

You need to click on an empty stall to open your stand. After you click, you must do the following in the panel.

  • Enter the name of your stand.
  • Put 15 tradable items you want to sell. You can set a price for each item in the small panel. 
  • After you add all items you want to trade, click ‘’Open’’ to open your stand. 

After you open your stand, other players can check it out and purchase items from you. You can also arrange, remove or add the items for sale any time you want to.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Trade System

The items you exhibit are available for sale as long as you are online in the game. If a player wants to buy any of your items, you are notified by the system while you’re playing the game.

If you log out or just close your stand, the NPC named Market Officer stores your unsold items and you can get them back from him any time you like to.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Trade System

Exchange Items with Other Players

The other way of trading is to select players and exchange items with them.

On the trade page that opens, you can see the sections related to you and the other player. Here you can do the following:

  • Put the items you want to trade in the 10 slots you are given here.
  • If you are making a payment, set the amount of gold and points.
  • After you set the price, click ‘’Lock the Item’’ for the first confirmation. You cannot make changes once you lock your item. Both players must do this process in order to proceed.
  • After locking the items, both players click ‘’Trade’’ to confirm the exchange. 

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