Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Extremely Easy Lockpicking Leveling (PC)

I’ve found a super easy way to level lockpicking and have made a video demonstrating it.

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Easy Lockpicking Leveling

All you need is alot of lockpicks (easy to get, simply go to the millers, buy all lockpicks, wait a while and buy again).

Durability for lockpicks perk is also good, and most importantly the silent fiddler perk so no one will come when you break your locks.

If you don’t have the level for silent fiddler, you’ll need to find a very hard locked box without anyone near it, there’s a spot with such a chest in a “Interesting spot” in the map.

How to do it:

  • Find a very hard lock with “This lock is too difficult” message.
  • Find the sweet spot of the lock.
  • Hold D and simply move your mouse in a long line in that direction.

Now every time your lockpick breaks, your mouse will reset to the center, and since you’re still moving your mouse in a straight line, it will return to the sweet spot and keep breaking over and over, giving you exp.

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