Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How to Get the Lord Capon’s Weapon and Armor Set

A breif but comphrehensive walkthrough on how to acquire Lord Capon’s clothing, and his very powerful longsword – St George’s longsword. This will be acheivable early game but does however require you to complete ‘the hunt’ with Capon first.

This does not break Lord Capon as an NPC. He will continue to wear his clothes as normal, whether he gets another sword has not been tested as of yet.

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In order to acquire this gear, you must be ready to launch a quest called ‘Next to Godliness’. This quest is started in Rattay, and can be launched in the early stages of the game.

You will, however, be required to have completed the story until the quest ‘The Hunt’, which is the pre-requirement to this quest.

After you complete ‘The Hunt’, return to your sleeping quaters in Rattay. It is reccomended you save here, before heading straight out your door and to the right, up the steps to the first floor of the building. Inside one of the rooms Lord Capon will be resting, and speaking to him will trigger the quest we need.

Aquiring the Goods

Once you have started the quest, Capon will have told you to meet him at the Rattay Bathhouse at nightfall. Once you reach the bathhouse, as it will now be late, you may have to pick an easy lock to get in.

Lord Capon will be through the first door on your right once you enter the building, and once you enter you should see a bathmaid milling around and Capon in a bath in the center of the room.

Now is when we will be nabbing that sweet loot from the oblivious cobba.

There will be a chest in the corner of the room. Unequip your clothes for extra stealth if you need to, but really – this should be quite easy. The chest is not locked, and you are out of Capon’s field of view. Just look out for the bathmaid, and swipe the chests contents like it’s nothing. If you are over encumbered, send the loot straight to your horse’s saddlebags.

Now it’s up to you to finish the quest. Afterwards, dump your newfound loot in your chest while the heat dies down, and once it has – congrats! You now weild one of the game’s most powerful longswords. Lord Capon will be back in his normal clothes soon enough, and you’ll still have your set.

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