Laser League – Quick Blade Guide

What is Blade and How Does it Work?

Blade is a lethal class that insta-kills on ability contact and has modifiers affecting uptime and reward potential.


Hunter lowers the cooldown of blade making it manageable for newcomers. It comes in handy when facing shocks or smashers that actively try to keep you on cooldown. The shorter cooldown will make you an active player and keep you as a constant threat. I’d recommend this if anyone in your team has a lethal class on as well so you can combo with your team. Other than that however, this modifier can be easily overshadowed by the scarier modifier: Reflex.


Reflex is the flashiest modifier in the game. It’s avaible to the two most lethal classes in the game and most commonly leads to a double or triple kill. Reflex resets your cooldown on a confirmed kill. This doesn’t sound big but a point can easily be obtained by a 3 second triple kill. The reward Potential is crazy high but can render the player useless for a while when whiffed. Whiffing leads to the longest cooldown in the game. You will be inactive everytime you are punished by a shock, smash, and dying. Run reflex only if you know you can land the hits. Reflex is the current best modifier according to most blades I’ve come across.

* Running Reflex makes your cooldown account for 2 normal bar fillups of (for example) shock. Be wary of this every round start.
** Throughout the guide, assumed running Reflex.


Thiefs are an IMPORTANT part of your team. They are the reason you have space to roam and lasers to set up plays with. Keep them safe and face/ability check lasers for them. Inturn, they should create space and revive you to get you charging your ability. The longer you are down for, the more time wasted not charging your already long cooldown. Thiefs should be the most guarded.

Ghosts are mixed. Ghost can be a reliable teammate but also be completely ignored because of their ability. However, make sure to roam near them when they are on cooldown. Keeping track of teammates bars occasionally and playing accordingly will increase your presence. This gives off the feeling that you’re always at the right place at the right time; ready to make the counter play.

Smash is the “Tank” of the game so accordingly, he can manage by himself. His ability triples as an escape maneuver, play setup, and positioning. His dash distance and armor after hit makes him a constant threat to the enemy and keeps his teammates safe (i.e. you). With that being said, if you see him initiate, make sure to follow up. Secure the kills and get the trades.

Snipe is the sniper of the game. Who would’ve guessed. Protect the snipe while on cooldown and watch the wall wraps of enemy blades/smash/shocks/snipes. When an enemy is gonna surprise your snipe with a counter wall wrap, they never expect and blade to walk up and lunge. You can even surprise them with a counter wall wrap kill before they do theirs. Also, watch how the enemy reacts to your snipe’s laser. You can move the enemy team around like cattle with a snipe and bunch them up for a triple kill. Crazy potential when these two are together.

Note: If your snipe is reliable on Snipe/reflex then consider switching to a more team based class or switching to hunter for the clean-up play after.

Ya’ll already know whats gonna go here. Shock shocks people, you walk and cleanup. Doesn’t get any simpler. Shock is fine by himself, watch him when hes on cooldown. Easy.



Shock should be the first step in countering a enemy blade. Shock wins all close trades except against ghost. Because of this, a shock can initiate, escape, bait, and challenge at anytime with his ability. Blades cannot do anything besides hide and bait against a shock with charge.


Snipe is a second counter. Snipe can pick the blades hiding in lasers with well timed wall wrap snipes. Guard can be used to escape laser pressure as well. Passively, Guard removes the threat of blades waiting near your marker. Use reflex if you want combo potential.


Another obvious counter, you can’t kill what you can’t hit. As Ghost, all you have to do is just help your team and bait the blade. You win all challenges on nodes as Ghost so just pressure them to death. That being said, don’t fail your baits.


If you have a really good smash, PUT HIM IN COACH. Smash has a better cooldown, range, and priority*. Hitting a blade is enough to turn the tide in a tense game. Blade’s meter will reset and he will remain inactive for another 8ish seconds. Take adavantage by contesting everything and to obtain positioning.

Some notes:

Personally, I don’t think thief directly counters blade because the laser management of a game affects everyone. However, keep in mind that a thief switch could help win you the game.

It should be noted that a Blade running Reflex CAN be countered by another Blade running Hunter. Getting the first pick on the enemy blade will reset his cooldown and leave inactive for even longer.

* Priority as in, smash dashing against a blade dash will result in smash hitting the blade away regardless of having armor or not. Armor will also keep the smash safe on hit if also landing on an enemy laser for a brief moment.

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