Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Easiest Way to Level Pickpocket

This is how to reach a high pickpocket skill, without commiting a crime, going to jail, or really anything whatsoever to worry about!

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Step #1

To start off, you must have made it to Rattay, and completed the first quest you get from guy who looks like chef boyardee, aka Miller Peshek.

Step #2

Once you find him and talk to him, you should see an option that says…

“Can you teach me how to pickpocket” or sum beefaroni like that, idk how mans chef boyardee even knows how to picketpocket, kinda suspect if you ask me, but just go through his little dialogue, and he should take you to the back of the mill.

Final Step

Once he takes you behind the mill, you should be able to practice pickpockting him as much as you want, without any consequences. This will level up your skill everytime you take his dagger. But be careful touching the blade, rumors are told that it was used to sacrafice the evil, sending them directly back to The Gates of Raviolli Hell.

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