Phoenix Dynasty 2 – Royal Battlefield

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Royal Battlefield

The Great War is coming, you shouldn’t miss the trainings in the Royal Battlefield if you want to be that legendary warrior. You should be self disciplined and strong to be a legendary warrior. In Royal Battlefield event, you can enter the battlefield by selecting read team or blue team, fight the monsters in the map, kill the bosses which are specific to battlefield and get even more stronger. Before we forget, you will also fight with other players in the battlefield!

How Can I Enter?

If your level is higher than level 30, the Drillmaster will lead you to the Royal Battlefield.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Royal Battlefield

But the Drillmaster will not let you enter directly. First you should have Royal Battlezone Ticket. You can get this ticket from the daily pack in the reward list.

If you have ticket, you can talk to the Drillmaster to enter.
Before we forget, the Drillmaster has special quest for special warrior. You should check them before enter the zone.

  • Entrance the Royal Battlezone – You should enter the area to complete this quest. 
  • Destroy the Enemy Soldiers – You should kill 5000 enemy soldiers to complete this quest. (Can be done once a week).
  • Destroy the Enemy Team – You should kill 50 other team players to complete this quest.

You are ready now! Select your team after you click Entrance to Royal Battlefield Event.

Royal Battlezone

You will see this map when you enter the area. Red Banner Camp is the main base of Red Flame Team; Blue Banner Camp is the main base of the Blue Wave Team.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Royal Battlefield

There are a lot of monster in the zone. You can get honor point buy killing these monsters. Also you can get:

  • Required materials for wind making
  • 10 honour point worth Honour Card 
  • Precious Marbles 

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Royal Battlefield

Warzone Status

Every move of every player in the zone is being recorded to the Warzone Status. You can open this list by clicking War Zone button upper right on the screen.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Royal Battlefield

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