Rainbow Six Siege – How to Properly Kill a Smasher (Outbreak)

Please note: all credit goes to Shebby!

A guide on how to take down Smashers the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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Throughout certain scripted points in a mission, you’ll encounter a boss fight.
When you enter a boss fight area the game will randomly choose either an Apex, a Rooter, or a Smasher to spawn in, but there are a few moments where it will only spawn an Apex or Rooter in a mission or two. I am making this guide to help players figure out how to kill the Smasher as it is way more difficult for most people.

When a smasher spawns in it will immediately go for whoever is closest, if you are in an escort/protect mission you should always keep the Smasher focused on you or your team, they will not hesitate to go for the protect target and ruin your day. If the smasher is beating on a protect target you need to draw it’s attention away from the target by either shooting it in the back or the face.

The Fight

  • Step #1: A smasher spawns in, the first thing you need to do is position yourself a safe distance from the smasher.
  • Step #2: Once you’re a good distance away get close to a wall. This is a very important step! 
  • Step #3: When you’re close to a wall, turn around and try to agro the smasher by shooting it in the head and mouth.
  • Step #4: When the smasher becomes agro’d it will throw its hands in the air for a second and begin to charge at you
  • Step #5: The moment you see the hands go in the air you should immediately run out of its path, but do not get too far away or you will miss your window of opportunity!
  • Step #6: If you followed Step 1 and 2 correctly the smasher will charge straight into a wall and be stunned for about 3-4 seconds. When the smasher gets stunned go up to the smasher’s glowing red back and press your melee button when you see the prompt appear. Each melee finisher will take away 1/3 of the smashers total health. 
  • Step #7: Once you’ve done your melee finisher you need to run away as soon as the animation is over or you’ll get punched in the face or swarmed by grunts! Repeat Step 1 through 6!

After you’ve done a melee finisher on the Smasher twice it’s back will become more open and messed up as a sign that it’s almost dead.

On the third melee finisher the smasher will die, but the animation for the finisher takes significantly longer! You must make sure you aren’t surounded by grunts before doing this or you could be swarmed easily, assuming you’re teammates aren’t there to help.

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