Metal Gear Survive – Extra Character Slots: Explained

Why you may want or need an extra slot.

Extra Character Slots

In Metal Gear Survive all your characters share the following:

  • Your base inventory. Anything your have in storage. Guns, Gear, Baricades, Food.
  • All unlocked recipes for Everything. Guns, Buildings, Gears, Turrets, Food, Collectibles.
  • If you unlocked extra exploration team slots, they are shared too. No need to shill twice.
  • Collectibles: You do not need to unlock the cassette tapes twice and other things.

Things that are not shared between characters:

  • Levels. Sorry. 
  • Koban. Sorry, you need to collect it again.
  • Story progression. Sorry, you have to re watch all the cutscenes and tutorials. 
  • Base Staff. Sorry, you need to go and rescue a new band of merry men in tights. 

Exploration Team progress:

This is a good thing. You can have 1-5 squads out on 1 character and 1-5 more squads out on your alt character, each. Technically if you have the time and bought all 3 Character slots and all squad slots You can have 20 separate missions going on at one time collecting materials for you.

Base Production:

Each character gives you a separate base instance. So while you do need to rebuild the base again. Anything that produces products like Water, Potatoes, Corn, “Medicinal” marijuana and everything else CAN be farmed separately and collected. To dumb it down, every few hours you can collect food from EACH of your separate bases and it all goes into the same global inventory.

Side Quests and Daily/Weeks Quests:

You can do sidequests on separate characters individually. If you do not have any more Food quests on one character, Switch to another one and he/she may have more quests, Like containers, Animals, bosses, rescues.

Harvesting nodes:

They regenerate separately for each character. So those sheep that are hunted to extinction and Junk/Materials can be collected again on another character.

P.S. If you are enjoying the game it is definately worth it to get another character slot for all the benefits that come with it. This somewhat justifies the steep 10$ asking price.

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