Rainbow Six Siege – How to Survive the Apex (Outbreak)

This’ll show you how to deal with the wizard, and describe him as thoroughly as possible (with the small amount of information we have).

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His Spells and Incantations For Those With the Talent to Cast Them

He’s a tricky one alright, he can cast spells willy nilly.

Okay, I lied.

He floats around with his ruined biohazard-bodybag-rags looking like a wizard, in fact, you’ll probably know him as that if you didn’t know his name.

Still, he’s extremely annoying, and if you don’t get rid of him first, you chances of survival will steadily drop lower!

He’s actually a pretty chill dude, so he tends to stay away from battle, moving away rather than toward. Hesummons grunts for certain, and you can identify his zombonies by the rings of saturn they’ve got around them. He keeps bringing these bad boys downtown, so take care not to waste all of your time shooting his cronies.

No seriously, look (the red floating things):

Rainbow Six Siege - How to Survive the Apex (Outbreak)

He also throws a ball of melted raisins at you, or something similar. Though rasins is much more lore friendly.

  • You’ll see him preparing this as he puts his hands together, he’ll follow this by thowing it at you or one of your friends! (You should duck out of the way when you see this)
  • If you get hit by it, your vision gets heavily obscured for a few seconds as well, so do well to avoid getting hit with that 3-pointer. I’m pretty sure it also disorientates you (think an echo drone hit, or groz mine, but less).

Everything About Damage

Right, so you know you can’t juke for your life, and you come to me and ask “Hey man, how badly will I get destroyed right now?”
Answer: pretty bad if you let him live for too long.

Him VS You (Normie Difficulty)

  • His raisin ball of tar attack- 30 damage (looks flat across armor)
  • AOE close-range attack – 40 damage
  • His zombonie cronies – tougher than usual due to the rings of saturn

Him VS You (Pandemic)

  • Raisin ball – 45
  • AOE close-range attack – (looks around 35-50, need to confirm later)
  • Zombie cronies – still buffed by the rings of saturn

Note – I believe the close-ranged attack also knock you back, correct me if it’s a seperate one.

How to kill this sucker

Now that you realize you probably won’t make it because he keeps on summoning his pals, you’ll want to pop a cap in him.
Sorry to say this, but he’s got a very large pool of health, and he constantly moves away and behind cover, so it’s pretty hard to kill him. Headshots are very good.


  • A good way to kill him is to have Finka activate her “steroids” (for no recoil), get a long angle on him, then spray his head down with a couple clips. This usually does the job, just have someone covering you while you hone in on him.
  • Get out of the way when you see him trying to shoot a spitball full of raisins, short-range combat is again not advised because they’re hard to dodge up close.
  • On Pandemic mode, it’s usually a good idea to “Finka it up” and focus all the bullets on his head. His health pool is noticeably bigger on this difficulty.

Notable Notes

  • He keeps on summoning enemies, so getting rid of him quick is the first priority. He is a massive drain on resources.
  • I’ve heard a rumor that he reduces your damage output, but I cannot confirm this.
  • Whenever he pops out of his hiding place he’s usually ready to thow out his spitball within a few seconds, so watch for that.
  • Don’t try to rush up to him; he’ll just knock you back and you’ll get surrounded by his goons (A.K.A. insta-death).
Written by Dualium

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