Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – All Endings (Bad Ending and True+Happy Ending)

Before reading this guide be aware of big spoiler as the title may let you know!

Bad Ending

  • Happen if you choose to save kureha in the final mission (Zeliska die).

True+Happy Ending

  • Get all of the ORIGINAL SAO Fatal Bullet Members Charm level to 4 with 75% Afasys Kureha Zeliska Itsuki and Bazalt Joe.
  • Get all ORIGINAL SAO members Charm to at least 2.
  • Watch all their event scenes.
  • Get the Amulet after you’ve cleared Kirito Mode.
  • Never pass the next Main Quest that shows after Kirito Mode or else you must play once more starting from SBC Forgotten Forest.
  • After you have the Amulet fight the last boss and evade it’s hyperbeam. The quest name will change from Dead All to Fatal Bullet.
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  1. Great guide was looking for something similar and this is perfect, thanks for posting this.

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