Cypher – Enigma Cypher Guide

This guide helps if you don’t understand how the Enigma cypher worls.


Section 5 of the game, Mechanised Cryptography, is based on the workings of the Enigma encryption machine. The game has a very short explanation of how the Enigma works, but it’s not really enough for players with zero previous knowledge.

This guide explains the Enigma cypher in a simple way. It is based on Puzzle 01, but without giving away the whole solution.

Starting Configuration

  • This is the starting configuration. 
  • The row on the top represents the keyboard, with keys from A to Z. 
  • The middle part is the scrambler, also called rotor (numbered I because it’s the first one). 
  • The bottom part is the reflector.

Cypher - Enigma Cypher Guide

First Key

Now we press the first key. The first key in the puzzle is Z.

The first thing that happens is that the scrambler shifts to the next position (all the letters move 1 step to the left).

Then you can follow the signal along the colored lines:

Cypher - Enigma Cypher Guide

  • start at the key Z;
  • go straight down to the scrambler in position A;
  • the scrambler connects matching letters, so come out at A on the other side;
  • then to the reflector in position D;
  • the reflector connects D to H;
  • to the scrambler in position V;
  • the scrambler connects V to V;
  • finally straight up to U.

So the first letter of the solution is U.

Second Key

Now we go to the second key of the puzzle, which is Y.

Once again, the scrambler shifts to the next position (1 step to the left).

Look at the signal flow:

Cypher - Enigma Cypher Guide

  • start at Y;
  • go straight down to A;
  • the scrambler connects A to A (matching letters);
  • then to the reflector at C;
  • the reflector connects C to U;
  • then to the scrambler at N;
  • the scrambler connects N to N;
  • straight up to L.

So the second letter of the solution is L.

The guide stops here, but you can find the rest of the solution by following the same process for the remaining letters.

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