Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Sienna (Unchained and Pyromancer)

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Full DPS Pyromancer Setup

IMO Sniping Specials is not for Sienna, because other 3 heroes are always equipped with crossbows bows rifles or other fast, powerful & precise weapons, and in 99% cases the Special is going to be dead before you can even charge the first bolt, or get stolen by an ally while you were trying to kill it. Truth to be told, usually Specials take way too much bolts to kill, and I think that Bolt Staff must be buffed.

However, there is an opinion that you can turn Pyromancer into something playable by boosting her crit. chance and crit. damage, effectively turning Pyromancer Sienna with Bolt Stuff into a nice damage dealer. Here is how to do that:

  • Select Pyromancer as your sub class, we need that because its passive ability increases crit. chance with overcharge as well as boosts ranged dmg
  • Equip Bolt Staff and Ceremonial Dagger, they have fast attacks and yield more crits per minute
  • Gain +15% crit. chance from your Dagger, Bolt Staff and Trinket properties
  • There is also a trait for the Bolt Staff that removes 4.0 overcharge on crit. hits, get it
  • You can gain some additional crit. power from your Charm’s properties
  • On lvl 25 select the perk that vents overcharge with the use of your active ability

We will need the mentioned perk to quickly get rid of the overcharge buildup after long continuous firing. The routine sequence will be: gain the highest overcharge you can, vent it with your F skill, repeat.

I tested it and it feels like on high overcharge the total crit. chance gets up to 40%, without any buffs from allies, that is. The damage output of this setup can get as high as Elf’s average performance, maybe even better (depends on your Elf).

Full Crowd Control Unchained Setup

The field where Sienna shines the most is Crowd Control. While controlling could be done with any of her sub classes, Unchained is the best one to do that, and here is why.

The setup I am going to tell about uses the best Sienna’s Staff there is – Beam Staff. Even after severe nerf it suffered it’s still one of the best staves for our charming fire woman… The staff is awesome because it has a quick shotgun-like burst that staggers majority of the Specials (even Berserkers and Ninja-rats!) as well as deals some damage.


  • Get yourself a Beam Staff 
  • Get Parrying trait on your melee, it will let you hold better against heavy attacks of powerful & armored enemies
  • Get a +2 stamina property from somewhere. If using a Fire Sword, you will get 4 shields in total
  • Get a “Concoction” trait on your Trinket
  • On lvl 25 choose the perk that reduces the cooldown by 30%

Now here is the strategy:

1. Always keep some trashy potion with you, such as speed pot. Let people have all other pots, since they’re more valuable.

2. If your team get surrounded, use your active ability and then revive all downed people. Drink the potion of speed to quickly recharge your active ability, in case things get out of hand again.

3. If you got cut off or all your teammates died, find yourself a corner and face your enemy with your block raised.

  • High overcharge gives you nearly abysmal blocking capability
  • Hits absorbed in block reduce your overcharge
  • That allows you to make a push and bring up Beam Stuff to unleash a couple or two of bursts right into the crowd, quickly increasing your overcharge
  • Repeat until your allies respawn or you are no longer in danger

4. Fetch your allies

The use of the described setup & strategy gives you at least 2 attempts to save your teammates if you get completely surrounded. It also lets you hold out long enough for your allies to respawn, even if they happen to die all at once! However, to perform it successfully, you gotta be in the corner to keep all attacking enemies in your effective push angle.

Note, that:

  • The described setup is far from high DPS and aimed at carrying out your team during the crunch
  • Avoid damage that can’t be blocked, such as gas or getting into the vortex. Gas & Vortex damage significantly raises your overcharge and can cause you to explode
  • Since you’re not that great at it, let allies kill specials and deal with armored enemies
  • Consider using a mace if you want to pose a greater threat against armored enemies.
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