J.A.W.S – Basics Guide

Learn the basics and increase your chance of survival by following this guide.


  • W,A,S,D – General Movement
  • E – Interact/Pickup
  • SPACE – Jump
  • SHIFT – Sprint
  • Q – Switch Weapon
  • P – In-game Menu
  • RMB – Aim Weapon
  • LMB – Fire Weapon 


J.A.W.S has a non-linear gameplay. This means that while there are objectives you can complete, you may complete them whenever you want and if you want to. There is no scripted method to J.A.W.S. Your survival depends on your skills and decisions only. However, completing the objectives are encouraged and are designed to help you survive longer.

Some objectives require the player to acquire specific items. These items are randomly spawned and may not always be located in the same place.


J.A.W.S includes multiple weapons to use in your survival. These weapons are strewn about the map and must be located first. Each weapon includes unique attributes that may help or hinder your survival based on your play style, skills, strategy, and location.

You are allowed to carry two weapons at a time. If you are carrying two weapons, picking up a new weapon will swap out your equipped weapon.

If you drop a weapon you did not intend to drop, you may relocate it at it’s previous location.


There is a finite amount of supplies located around the map. Supplies includes ammo for non-handgun weapons, health boosts, and adrenaline boosts. Once these supplies are used, they will not respawn! Use them wisely and when most needed.

Some of the drawers may be opened and may include supplies inside.

Randomly, an airdrop will deliver ammo for a short amount of time. Afterwhich, it will self-destruct and you will have to wait until the next drop. You may infinitely refill your weapons at this supply drop. When refilling ammo, the weapon currently equipped will receive the refill.

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