Dynasty Warriors 9 – 100% Achievement Guide

Guide to get all achivements and a few helpful hints.

Easy Achievements

Easy Achievements – You will get these just by playing…

  • Helter-Skelter – Complete a mission within 1 minute. 
  • One Warrior vs a Thousand – Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle. 
  • Equestrian – Defeat 1,000 enemies while mounted on a horse. (Get Red Hare – See Below) 
  • Sure Shot – Defeat 100 enemies with bow attacks. 
  • Sword Brandisher – Defeat 100 enemies with assault attacks. 
  • Storm and Stress – Achieve a 1,000 hit combo. 
  • Like a Bird – Juggle an enemy in the air for 5 seconds. 
  • Smasher – Defeat a powerful enemy. 
  • Traveler – Discover 35% of the locations within the game. (See Wanderlust below) 
  • Interior Decorator – Obtain 10 pieces of furniture. 
  • A Brush with Expertise – Obtain a high-class weapon. 
  • Sworn Friends – Form a bond at the maximum level with another officer. (See below – The Ties that Bind Us) 
  • Hideaway – Obtain a hideaway. 
  • Sightseer – Discover a scenic area. 
  • Traces of a Hero – Complete a story. 
  • End of an Era – Complete a key mission. 
  • New Allies – Unlock an officer. 
  • Graduation day – Complete the Tutorial for one of the kingdoms.

Medium Achievements

Medium – Requies a little bit of work but nothing to crazy.

  • A Gathering of Heroes – Unlock 45 officers.
  • Master of the Martial Arts – Obtain 30 weapons.
  • Nimble Fingers – Perform synthesis 100 times.

Synthesis is crafting usable items. Overtime you will gather a bunch of items, just craft as you go and it will pop.

  • Collector – Obtain 20 gems.
  • Fisher – Catch 30 items while fishing.

Wait until you can afford Insect/Ultimate bait as all the fish will help with the next achivement.

  • Epicure – Eat 100 meals.

Using the above fish, create 100 meals from the teashop. Season and wine can be purchased from the shop and/or trader

  • Steady Worker – Obtain 30 items by using box traps.

These are brought/made from the store. You can place all 30 at once, do so at the start of a chapter and complete a major battle. Head back when the box icon has changed on the map and open all 30 boxes.

  • Veteran Master – Raise an officer to the highest level.

I found the quickest way was to just completed all side battles on choas. Make sure to get a Exp boost item

  • Unrivaled Warrior – Raise an officer’s attack power to 900.
  • Winged Equine – Raise a horse to the highest level.
  • Golden Palace – Earn a total of 90,000 gold.
  • Thronged with Visitors – Obtain 10 hideaways.
  • Legend of Wei – Complete the story of Wei.
  • Legend of Wu – Complete the story of Wu.
  • Legend of Shu – Complete the story of Shu.
  • Legend of Jin – Complete the story of Jin.
  • Storyteller – Complete the stories of the kingdoms other than Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin.
  • Master of the Hunt – Earn a total of 5,000 hunting points.

Hunting points are based on the highest level hunt you have done. Just wait till chapter 10+ and run into the forest. Kill any hunt above level 50 and it will pop (you will also get every hunting item from the shop)

  • Sun Piercer – Defeat 1,000 enemies with bow attacks.

Use dispersion arrows and large crowds. Can be annoying but wont take long.

  • Vandal – Destroy 100 structures

Hard Achievements

Hard – Time consuming or a bit of a grind

  • The Ties that Bind Us – Form a bond at the maximum level with 20 officers.

Ok, this is IMO the worst one. First for officers to be invited you need to find them in cities in the open world in there informal wear and talk to them. This unlocks them in your hide out. Second they need to not be in a battle to be invited. Third, you need to do this on one character on one save file. As in you need to be able to see all 20 officers at 100/100. I found the best way to spend time going to each city talking to officers (they will show up on the map if they are there). Once you have unlocked enough, load Chapter 5 on free mode, quick travel to 3/4 major cities to add people to your hideout roster. Fast travel to a hideaway, select an officer, talk to them, fast travel to your next hideway and repeat. You can only have one officer visit per day so once you have 100 bond on an officer (3 visits), fast travel to the furthest side of the map or use a camp fire to advance time to the next day.

  • Extensive Knowledge – Unlock all battle entries in the Encyclopedia

Playing through the following officers should net you all entries.

  • Wei – Cao Cao (need to do the side missions in chapter 3)
  • Wu – Sun Jian, Chen Pu and Zhu Ran
  • Shu – Lui Bei, Guan Yu and Lui Shan
  • Jin – Xin Xianying and Zhong Hui
  • Other – Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Diaochan, Yuan Shao, Lu Lingqi, Zio Ci and Zhurong

  • Wanderlust – Discover 75% of the locations in the game.

Not hard, just time consuming. Note this is locations and not the map itself. Dont waste time clearing the Fog of War around the edges of the map… I learnt that the hard way… anyway, the following can be discovered.

That is 617 items, of which you need 463 discovered to unlock this achivement. You can check this by going to icons in the start menu.

  • Flowers Amidst the Chaos – Unlock all of the officers

You unlock them all by playing through the story in the following order:

  • Lui Bei – Shu
  • Lui Shan – Shu
  • Zhong Hui/Deng Ai – Jin

  • The Pinnacle of Might – Earn a Total of 100,000 KOs.

Just a grind. Later chapters tend to have larger armies but you can either keep playing story modes with new characters, or find your favorite spot and grind with one. A great selection is Yueying with lightning gems on Wei chapter 8 (Free mode.) Her musou is a super crowd clearer and you can net about 4000ko’s a run.

  • True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms – Obtain all other trophies.

Well done 🙂


Get Red Hare asap – You unlock Red Hare for purchase by completing Guan Yu, Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu’s storyline. Once unlocked purchase for $100,000. Best horse in the game. At level 1, it has higher stats than a lvl 100 birch.

Gold Crown – Get yourself a gold crown asap, it sucks all nearby items to you and it has a crazy range. very much worth the item slot.

Beast Mirror – Beast Mirrors increase the area of the map you unlock as you travel through it, the beautiful thing is these stack, so when exploring is your goal, stack 4 of them.

Fire Gems – Fire Gems are (IMO) the best for your weapons, they add insane damage to your attacks and with the new combat system, its seriously easy to keep the elements up.

Headshot – You can headshot most human enemies with a bow for them to die in one hit. Even on Choas mode. Head toward the great wall (Far north west) and head shot bandits on choas. Great source of gold, coins and exp.

Chen Pu – I found this new comer to the series to be one of the best characters to grind the 100,000 KO’s on. Dude is smooth.

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