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You played Into The Breach, has 6 coins and what squad that I unlock next ? Whats this ? Frozen Titans with 6 coins, it should be awesome right ? And… you failed and never touch Frozen Titans again. I wrote this guide hope to improve your agony playing this squad and share some of my insight. I’m not an expert in this game, still learning till now just want to share with you all. Hope this guide could help you all. Have fun with Frozen Titans.

Aegis Mech


  • A solid 2 damage attack without upgrade. Above average within Prime class. Only Combat Mech have 2 attack without upgrade, others need some condition (like Flame Mech need its target already burned. Lightning also 2 damage but it chained to other units).
  • Starting 4 moves, only Judo Mech that start with 4 moves too.
  • Unique attack that change the enemy attack orientation 180 degrees. Only 1 other weapon that does that. (Confuse Shot from Science class).


  • No displacement move with default weapon. Need another weapon to push or pull enemy.
  • Sometimes change the orientation of enemy attack may bring more harm than good.

One of my favorite Prime class mech. Good starting damage with option to get shield and +1 damage at 2 cores which is not very expensive for a tier 2 upgrade. Priority upgrade will be +1 damage because only Aegis Mech and Mirror Mech that can deal damage with starting weapon. If you dont upgrade your damage, you will had a quite hard time to kill the island boss. Shield is good for more tankiness and blocking any status effect. Only direct damage remove shield.


  • You can attack empty ground and your mech will still get it shield.
  • Try to get another weapon with displacement effect if you had reputation point to spend.

Mirror Mech

Mirror Mech stat is pretty standard for Brute clas. It is one of the most unique Mech in the game. It can attack both direction which is no other mech can do. But what a headache to use this mech. Also that “Trick Shot” Achievement really need RNGesus to shine upon your path.


  • Very high kill potential. Its not impossible to kill multiple Vek in one shot.
  • Very cheap damage upgrade. You only need 2 cores for +1 damage both tier. For a total 4 cores, you get 3 dmg attack both ways.


  • Shooting both ways sometime bring more harm than good. You sometimes place this mech sub-optimally just because you don’t want to damage objective or building.

Priority upgrade will be +1 Move just so you can get a better position to shoot or you can get +1 Damage first if that is not a problem. Good pilot to use Henry Kwan, Gana, Prospero, and Lily Reed. Basically Pilot that enable you superior positioning to made easier shooting your twin cannon.


  • Always check both end of where you gonna shoot.
  • If you really have to shoot but it will damage your friendly mech, building, or objective, you can use Ice Mech to block or freeze it first so it’s not got damaged.

Ice Mech

The backbone of the squad. This mech is why this squad called Frozen Titans despite only itself that got frozen.


  • 1 shot is all it take to disable a Vek. That Vek is disabled for the rest of battle. Even while frozen, that Vek is still helping you. It block a square to limit enemy mobility and sometimes a Vek will try to free a frozen Vek by attacking it. You can choose to foil that plan if victory is still few more turn or just let it so if it the final turn.
  • Good defense. Every time it attack, it got frozen that means invulnerable from anything until got attacked.
  • Flying artillery. The only flying artillery in the game.
  • Cheap power core requirement. Because of self freeze, upgrading HP almost not necessary. Also no upgrade on starting weapon.


  • You always got frozen after attacking. If you don’t have any method to break free the Ice Mech either by your own attack or enemy attack, you are wasting the next turn repair the Ice Mech just to thaw itself.
  • Mafan or Bethany Jones is almost a core pilot to this mech. It just so much a hassle with other pilot just to break the self ice (shield prevent self freeze).
  • No upgrade for the starting weapon.
  • No displacement with starting weapon.

This mech is so strong if you know what you are doing. Priority upgrade should be +1 Move for better positioning. Best pilot is definitely Mafan, but too bad you need quite lucky to find it from the FTL pod. Bethany Jones is also quite good, but limiting your the Ice Mech so it wont break it shield by blocking any damage.


  • You can always shoot empty ground to freeze Ice Mech. Useful in some situations where you need to block Vek attack.
  • Freeze Vek that hard to kill Alpha Vek. Freezing Psion is not recommended because of it aura effect could bring disadvantage the more turn it alive. But sometimes in a hard situation preventing grid damage took priority than Psion.
  • You can freeze building to shield it. Freeze water for your other mech to stand. Extinguish fire on ground or other mech.


Frozen Titans really need adjustment at first. You will start to learn how to use Mirror and Ice Mech at first. They really a direct step harder to use than other straight forward mech. After a while you will realize their strength and better playing them. Just remember that frozen Vek is not a dead Vek, so the Ice Mech’s pilot wont get any experience from any frozen Vek left. Switch the pilot to other mech for building experience. Good luck !

Written by SkyRaider

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