Into the Breach – Things You May Don’t Know

Things that the game doesn’t explain to you.


  • The amount of spawn points scale with the amount of enemies alive at end of their turn. More monsters alive, less spawn points. Less monsters alive, more spawn points.
    Except for turn 2, you want have 2/3 vek alive at end of their turn to keep the spawn points at manageable level. 
  • Destroying the last mission’s bomb will only delay the turn count. If your power grid is extreme low, you can sacrifice the bomb to give you a extra chance. It may change nothing or make the situation worse, but it’s better than give up. 
  • Building doesn’t suffer fire damage. You can flame thrower through them. 
  • Fire instantly melt ice tile. 
  • Smoke and Freeze can disable Satellite, Earth Mover, Terraformer and A.C.I.D Launcher. 
  • Freezing fly enemies make them have the same weakness of ground enemies. Remember that if you freeze a fly enemy on a water tile, the water tile became ice tile. Anything that break the ice before you push them, will remove the weakness. 
  • The train objective doesn’t require to move until the end of map to complete the objective. You can just freeze it and make it survive until the last turn.
Written by SpearOfLies

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