Project: Gorgon – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Just few tips for begginers.

General Tips

All credit goes to Nadsumus!

  • You can acces wiki from game by typing “/wiki ‘something'”. This will open wiki page for ‘something’. 
  • Most importan thing to do as new player is to raise favor with NPCs. This will unlock new skills you can learn from them, more money for shopkeepers, in some cases storage. Some npcs will also give you gifts at certain favor levels. To raise favor you cna do quest for npc – but this will get you only so far. To max it out, you need to give them proper gifts. Slect “small talk” option wehn talkign with NPC to learn what they like and dislike. Right-closkign item, and selectign “more info” willl let you knwo what NPCs would accept this item as gift. 
  • Don’t rush things. Unlike most MMOs there is no real reason to rush towards end-game. Take it slow, try as many skills as you want. 
  • Leveling combat skills to about 15-20 lv shouldn’t take you too much time and will give you at least some idea how they work. So don’t be too afraid to experiment. 
  • You can learn every skill on one character. But it will take time. 
  • Most of your power will come from gear. You will notice that most weapons don’t have any dmg on they own – that’s becasue gear only boost/enables certain combat skillsets. For example you need staff to use Staff fighting – but also fire/ice magic. 


  • You can select two different combat skillsets, and pick six skills from each. You can select one skill for both slots – but you will be limited to teh same set of skills, so its not good idea. 
  • To level combat skill, all you have to do is kill any monster within one minute of using any corresponding ability. So for example – if you use Slash (Sword skillset basic attack) every time you kill monster for next minute you will get exp for Sword skillset 
  • There is third skillbar – this one is reserved for special skills like first aid, armor patching, etc. 
  • You need food/drinks to regen health and power. Snack food stacks with normal. Higher level foods will aslo grant bonus to max hp/power. Regen tick roughly every 5 seconds. 
  • Your armor bar will absorb half of incoming damage. Futhermore, for every 25 armor you have left you will gain 1 universal damge mitigation. 
  • Monsters have “rage” meter. it fills when they deal, or take damage. When it fills up, they will use special skill. If you can, try to lower monster Rage, it will make your life easier. 
  • There is no “best” skill combination. There are some that are more effective than others, but it cna change dependign on monsters you fight. For example – a lot of monsters in Gazluk (currently highest lv zone) is resistant to Ice damage, so you might want to avoid using Ice magic there. Here are few popular skills that you can obtain ealry on:

Psychology – you can obtain it as ealry as Anagoge (starter island). You will have to do quest for elf in run down hous near beach. Its one of best support skills in game – offers good heals, cc, rage control, dmg mitigation. On top of that it has no equipent restrictions – so it cna be paired with any other skill.

Mentalism – similar to psychology, but more focuse don restoration, no cc, but higher dmg. tought by Echur in Serbule after reaching high enough favor.

Sword – starter skill. Good dmg, and rage control. Can be power hngry, and focuses mostly on phsysical dmg (slashign adn piercing). Requies sword to eb equiped (main hand slot item)

Unarmed – anotehr starter skill. Its unique in a way that yyou can use all of its skills when not holding any weapon, or usign Unarmed weapons in both hands (cestus/claws, for main/off hand). If you equip other weapons, you still will be able to use some of its skills (like kick, headbutt). Unarmed really shine slater in teh game, when you collected enough gear. It can deal good dmg, has decent cc adn surivability. Unfortuantelly its mostly focused on crushing dmg – with some speciall slashign skills. With enough gear you cna make it deal quite a bit Trauma dmg.

Fire magic – good dmg, strong Aoe, decent cc. Power hungry. Obtained from Velkort in Serbule. You don’t learn new spells by levleing – you have to do research taht you learn from Velkort(and otehr npcs for higehr lv). Higher lv researchs requie some rare materials, so its not best skill for new player.

Archery – can be learned on Anagoge. Very good dmg, and some utiity. Has decent elemental coverage. You need arrows – and several different types to use all skills. This make it rather expensive, and not recommended for new players.

Money Making

Lets get one thing out of the way – in Project:Gorgon it’s VERY rare for monsters to drop money. You will have to use different methods.

1) In my opinion best way to make money is to do Work orders. You need to find bilboard – Serbule has one near its docks. Exit from city by north gate, and follow road towards north-east. Work orders are tied to your Industry skill. The higher lv of Industry teh better,a dn more, work orders you cna accept. Once completed, you can’t accept teh same work order for one month.

There is board in Serbule that allows for player-made WO. check it from tiem to time to see if you can’t complete any – it could be way to gain quick cash.

Most higher lv work orders taht are worth doing would require you to craft something using Blacksmithign, Leatherworking, Carpentry, Tailoring, or Toolcrafting. From this skills Leatherworkign is arguably easiest one to gather materials for.

2) Another way to get moeny would be sellign stuff. Here come gathering proffesions. Most notably – Surveing. Learned in Serbule Hills (one of two places you cna end up after leaving Anagoge, other being Serbule) it will allow you to gather gems – used for craftign higher quality equipent, ang probably easiest thing to sell to other palyers. One gem can sell for anywhere between 200-300, dependign on what skill its used for. Aquamarine and Amethyst cna sell for even more since they are used by Teleportation skills.

Other popular things to sell are : Wood (need Foragig skill) and skins (need.. Skinning. Shocking, I know). You can sell skins to NPC vendors – you wont loose too much since most players wont buy them for more than ~120% of vendor price. You cna also make some simple food and sell it to vendors too.

And there is gear of course. Its not best way – you cna carry too mcuh of it – but single pice of higher quality gear will sell for quite a bit.

Seaking of vendors:

  • If you sell somethign to them, you cna buy it back from “buy used” tab. You cna even buy things otehr peopel sold!
  • Some vedors offer consigment option. You can basily ask them to sell some of your items. They will hold said items for few days, and return to you if tehy wont sell. 
  • Vendors money pool is limited. It refreshes one week after first sellign somethign to them, or when favor lv rasies. Rasing favor also increases money pool, and can unlock more things to buy from them. 
  • Most vendors have preffered items. They will pay you much lower price for things they are not interested in, or even wont buy them at all. As a uel of thump, the more specialized merchant, the bigger money pool they will have. So be sure to sell your items in the right place.
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