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My Big Sister - Achievement Guide

Written by Ang   /   Mar 15, 2018    
My Big Sister - Achievement Guide

Here is a guide for the Achievements of My Big Sister!

Here is a run through of the achievements and how you can get them. Enjoy!


  • Yummy Noodles - Eat some scrumptious noodles at the noodle shop in the marketplace. 
  • You chose the Brain? - Choose the brain for the therapist I presume. 
  • You chose the Doll? - When in the Therapist's Office, choose the Doll 
  • I'm sorry Sombria - Talk to Sombria when in the Therapists Office after choosing the Brain. 
  • She's too innocent to do anything! - Have a talk with a Ashina in the bathhouse. 
  • Is that a JIT reference? - Check the brochure rack on the receptionists desk in the Therapists Office 
  • Asking for help? - Ask the Butcher about the dead koi fish in the restaurant. 
  • Talk of the Town - Talk to all of the residents in the slums. 
  • It's just a sink... great - Check the sink in the restaurant. If that doesn't work then you will need to check the sink in your own home as well as the sink in the restaurant 
  • I want candy - Cut down the Butcher's Head free and then take the knife into the sauna/shower room and do as the Sombria says, then return to the butcher and collect the candy bar on the counter. 
  • Make sure you return it after you use it - Use the key to unlock the door before returning it to the owner. 
  • Mushrooms make you grow bigger! - Present a mushroom to Mudo the Yokai at the Noodle House in the Forest. 
  • Noodles will appease the spirit - Present the Forest Spirit with a bowl of noodles. 
  • My neighbor Somboro - Present the leaf you obtain after giving Somboro the Mushroom then put the leaf on Sombria's Head 
  • I'm so hungry - Dont Feed Sombria Mushrooms when she is hungry.

Written by Ang.

Game:   My Big Sister