Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Kerillian Waystalker Guide



The waystalker is the most complete class for Kerillian.
Damage, Wave Clear, Survivability and Team Support.
Most players don’t fully understand the potential of the Waystalker, it’s probably the worst class for bossfights but the best for the rest.

Damage – The scoreboard never lies, Kerillian players are usually the ones with the most damage dealt in the match, this is not just related to the weapons but mostly because of her special skill

Wave clear – Trueshot Volley will be you best friend against enemies swarming, so keep her “ultimate” ready for that moment.

– No secrets, Kerillian health regen is very useful and provides her with lots of survivability but beware, since you can regen your health, conserve health potions for the sake of your teammates!
The worst and most annoying that could happen, is a Kerillian player wasting healing when he could just survive off the health regen (and parrying correctly!!)

Team Support – With the right bow you can offer a lot of support to your team, slaying most of the special and armored enemies! This is Kerillian’s main role! Kill the annoying enemies!
StormVermins, Packmasters, Assassins, Ratling Gunners, Warpfire Throwers, LEECHES and the freaking Blightstormers (and their tornadoes) can ALL be easily killed by the Kerillian player before they deal too much damage to the team!

If you lack aiming abilities avoid playing Kerillian.


Primary Weapon – Spear

For this build the main weapon will be the spear! But why the spear?
Simple, the spear at the moment is the weapon with most range and with the widest parry angle.
It’s perfect for slaying large numbers of enemies with the 3rd attack (horizontal slash) and the charged attack (horizontal as well).
It will give you the necessary space to survive enemy melee attacks, good mobility and with the wide parry angle (180° insted of the usual 90° of the other weapons) will give you A LOT of survivability.

Ranged Weapon – Long Bow

The long bow is the best weapon for your role… The ARCHER.
Kerillian, as previously said, must kill most of the special and armored enemies, and here comes the longbow!
Perfect for the StormVermins, 1 headshot = 1 kill for all special enemies, also really good for Chaos Warriors if you can hit them in the head!


This is the MOST important item for the build.
An exotic (orange) necklace with NATURAL BOND enchant must be equipped on Kerillian.
Natural Bond will give you health regen even above half HP, and (to be verified) will stack with your passive health regen.

Even better if have “+ 20% health”.
Beware: You won’t be able to use healing items if you wear this necklace; but who cares, because you should not use healing items in the first place as I said before, right?

Talents Points Tree

  • Level 5 – Morai-Heg’s Scorn – Increases critical hit chance by 5%. (On legend difficult change in to Hukon’s Tenacity)
  • Level 10 – Daughter of the Hunt – While above 25% health, Critical hits gain 30% additional power. 
  • Level 15 – Isha’s Embrace – Increases Kerillian’s health regeneration. (On legend difficult change in to Vaul’s Quiver)
  • Level 20 – Khaine’s Thirst – Kills grant temporary health. 
  • Level 25 – Asrai Focus – Reduces cooldown of Trueshot Volley by 30%. (On legend difficult change in to Lifebloom Arrows) 

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Kerillian Waystalker Guide


  • Don’t rush for the kills, the scoreboard is not everything! Care for your team and support them.
    Cover your “tank” during swarms, help him pushing away enemies while attacking with the spear; 
  • Be careful at the character dialogs, they’ll tell you if a special enemy is approaching. Equip the bow as fast as you can and look around spamming the mark button (T by Default) to mark the special enemy, it will help your team understand where the threat is coming and kill him faster; 
  • Don’t waste arrows for common enemies, if you run out of arrow you are useless; 
  • Always charge your arrows to kill enemies: quick arrows deal less damage and you will run of out ammo in no time; 
  • If one of your teammates is low HP and without healing items, stay always close to him, with the spear you can cover him on all sides and with the wide angle parry you can prevent enemies from hitting and killing him.

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