Final Fantasy 15 – Costlemark’s Cube Maze Helper

Find your way through Costlemark’s Maze with ease!

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The Costlemark maze may look very complex and confusing on your first trip but it’s quite straight forward in real – though a kinda brilliant design!

The Exit

Beware not to accidentally run over it or you have to wander the whole way from the beginning of the dungeon back down to the maze again! It’s placed right after the return point of the arena.

Final Fantasy 15 - Costlemark's Cube Maze Helper

You’ve been warned 😛

The Entrance Hall

It contains the exit, 2 return points and 4 access points to the actual maze. Initially only one of them will be active but each time you return from the maze an additional one will become interactable.

Search the floor for distinctive looking tiles with an interaction marker.

  • A, B, C, D: Maze access points
  • X, Y: Return points

The Maze

Inside its corridors are cubes which move around when interacted with. New parts of the maze will open up while the ones behind you get blocked so you can only head forward. In addition enemies will spawn and you have to fight them in quite limited spaces.

If a cube becomes inactive look for new ones. Most of the time there’s only one active cube but sometimes two and you have to chose – better look twice.

Your goal is the southeast tile marked with!

  • Green path: Awesome
  • Yellow path: Do it again
  • Red path: Boom dead

The Arena

…not really dead …hopefully! All red paths end up here where you have to fight a pretty decent battle just to be able to return to the entrance for another try.

It should be no problem for well equipped lvl 50+ players but each time you enter this place a new battle will wait for you, harder than the one before.

Good luck!

Worth to Mention

  • The positions of the cubes reset each time you enter the entrance hall
  • Couldn’t find a single pickup in this area
  • The arena’s difficulty doesn’t increase endlessly
  • There’s a path to the locked endgame door inside the arena
Written by Rufour

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