SoulWorker – Steel Graves Guide

A short guide to explain Steel Graves and how to do some parts for people who are having problems or never did it.


Hi, this will be just a short guide to help people on steel graves if they are stuck or just haven’t tried yet.

So, first, SG = Steel graves, i don’t feel like writing the name over and over.

  • SG is a solo dungeon that resembles in a way to a tower dungeon that is composed by Chapters(levels) and you push each level at a time till you reach the top. 
  • To access it just enter through a portal is the cities 
  • It’s limited to a number of entries per day, 5 entries to be precise. 
  • You cannot revive inside SG, if you die you die because people die when they are killed (if you know the reference you are awesome). 
  • You cannot use consumables (Hp potions, SF potions, etc..) 
  • You can’t jump Chapters, you need to complete them in order to move to the next 
  • There are 15 Chapters in total 
  • Each Chapter has 5 stages 
  • You can obtain various materials, AR Card Keys, BP and unique accessories. 
  • Completing each stage gives you BP and a box with random stuff, 
  • You can also obtain blueprints to craft Grave Guardian Mk gear. 
  • You’ll need the level 55 Grave Guardian gear to craft Aurite gear, important for Primal dungeon endgame (or so they say :P) 
  • Daily entry limit to Steel Grave resets at 9AM server time, as do most things 
  • Can be reset by using an item (obtained from quest, daily login, events, shop? etc..) 
  • SG has 3 quests to kill each “boss” in last stage, they go from 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 
  • Only Chapter 5,10,15 (the last ones from each quest) can give you the blueprint (not 100% chance) 
  • Each stage can have a hidden mission, i would suggest completing if they are easy because they give you another box with materials


  • At first it might be difficult to complete Chapter 3, as Chapters 4 and 5 might be too difficult for you when you’re around level 15-20. 
  • If you are a Stella, you can do it thanks to healing skills (Loli power to strong), other might also do it didn’t really played them that long do try it. 
  • At lvl 23-25 you should already be able to do till Chapter 7 
  • When you complete Chapter 6 you can farm it for materials because it’s probably the easier to do and gives more reward than Chapter 5 
  • Same thing for Chapter 11 (they might have done it on purpose for people to farm more easily ) 
  • Read the messages that show on your screen inside SG when you start a stage, they tell you how to do that stage so just in case you had forgotten how to do it just read it. 
  • Chapter 7, Stage 4: I saw people saying they can’t pass it (probably because they didn’t read the message on the start)

Wait for all the monsters to spawn first while you wait just run away from them and keep doing it until a controller appears on the map(you could try to kill them without doing any of this but they have huge HP so might as well do the tactic).

Use the controller, it will deal damage to everyone on the map, including you (this is probably why people die).

It will damage everyone! for 90% of maximum HP, so make sure your HP is over 90% (just be full health, by running around you shouldn’t have taken any damage).

If you did take damage and you are not a Stella or even if you are you can hit the green box to heal yourself first.

After using the controller the monsters HP will be reduced by 90%, now you can easily finish them off.
This goes for another wave of monsters.

  • Chapter 15, Stage 5: The enemies in this stage have huge HP. If you don’t have a good or even great gear you will take a lot of time to kill them so you can reduce their HP a lot by making them go into the explosion circles that pop out on the map, be extremely!! careful the explosions deal a lot of damage to you as well and will make you R.I.P.
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