The Elder Scrolls Online – Dwarven Theodolite Pet Guide for Morrowind

In this guide, I will teach you how to obtain the “Dwarven Theodolite” pet in the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

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What is the Dwarven Theodolite?

The Dwarven Theodolite is a pet in the Elder Scrolls Online. The pet is acquired by collected several pieces of the Dwarven Theodolite’s body. Once all the pieces have been collected, they can be constructed to create a “Runebox: Dwemer Theodolite Pet”. The Runebox can be sold or consumed. All in all, one of the most rare pets in the game.


The Dwarven Theodolite parts are located at Vvardenfell. Due to this being in Vvardenfell means you must own the Morrowind chapter. Morrowind can be purchased from the Steam Store or the Elder Scrolls Online website.


The Dwarven Theodolite parts are located at Vvardenfell, in a Public Dungeon. The Public Dungeon is called Nchuleftingth, and can be quite difficult for in-experienced or under-levelled players. Fortunately, there is a wayshrine just outside the dungeon called Nchuleftingth Wayshrine. Travel to this and the dungeon is just a short walk away.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Dwarven Theodolite Pet Guide for Morrowind

Collecting the Parts

Collecting the parts is easy. Simply enter the ruins, and kill Dwarven enemies until the parts drop. Don’t bother killing anything that isn’t Dwemer, as they don’t drop the Dwarven Theodolite parts. There are 7 parts required to build the Dwarven Theodolite:

  • Dwemer Theodolite Chasis
  • Dwemer Theodolite Eye
  • Dwemer Theodolite Head
  • Dwemer Theodolite Neck
  • Dwemer Theodolite Shoulder
  • Dwemer Theodolite Torso
  • Dwemer Theodolite Wheels

Once all the parts have been collected, simply press “E” to use one of the items while hovering over it, and it will consume all pieces, and turn them into a “Runebox: Dwemer Theodolite Pet”. Once you have this, you can either sell it, or use it. If you sell it you can get around 30,000G, or use it and add the Dwemer Theodolite pet to your collection.

Alternative Options

Alternitavely, if you have the gold, you could purchase each piece of the Dwemer Theodolite set. Go to a Guild Trader, and and set the search options to Other > Trophy. Scroll down a bit and the Dwemer Theodolite parts will begin to appear. Each piece averages around 4,000G. Buy each piece, collect them from your mail, and turn them into a Runebox.

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