Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Checklist (Quests, Tainted Monsters and Higgledy Stones)

Just threw together a quick checklist for some collectibles in the game and thought I would share if anyone else would like to use it.

Note: Sidequests become available in Chapter #4.

Side Quests

001: Auntie Martha’s Scrubber
Location: Auntie Martha’s Cottage 
Reward: 560 Exp, 350G, Three-Leafed Soreaway x2, Auntie Martha

002: Top Marks for Trying
Location: Grotty Grotto
Reward: 12230 Exp, 5000G, Lucky Locket, Mileniyah

003: Munokhoi, the Shy Pirate
Location: Sky Pirate Base
Reward: 440 Exp, 280 G, Hearty Pendant, Munokhoi

004: A Favor for Nu Bi
Location: Goldpaw Weapon Store
Reward: 2360 Exp, 660 G, Cool Longsword, Nu Bi

005: Hang On, Hoi Den!
Location: Goldpaw, Luckless Lane
Reward: 2520 Exp, 670 G, Double-Down Dumplings x3, Hoi Den

006: Pi Chi, the Skillful Seamstress
Location: Goldpaw Town, near the library
Reward: 450 Exp, 350 G, Glowproof Spring Mantle, Pi Chi

007: Persha, A Maid Like No Other
Location: Goldpaw Town Inn
Reward: 450 Exp, 350 G, Sardine Sandwich x3, Persha

008: Li Li, the Troubled Genius
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 320 G, Strong Sixth Censer x2, Li Li

009: Gao Jia, the Sullen Soldier
Location: Goldpaw 
Reward: 550 Exp, 540 G, All-Be-Gone, Gao Jia

010: Bai Gon, the Grizzled Veteran
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 720 Exp, 300 G, Venom-Be-Gone, Bai Gon

011: Min Ti, the Sharpshooter
Location: Goldpaw 
Reward: 500 Exp, 360 G, Grass-Green Thread x5, Min Ti

012: Fai Do, the Downbeat Armorer
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 550 Exp, 380 G, Waterproof Iron Armor Fai Do

013: Yung Mein, the Trainee Guard
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 550 Exp, 300 G, Antitox Silk Slippers, Yung Mein

014: Tabbias, the Trusting Traveler
Location: Goldpaw, near the Library
Reward: 790 Exp, 340 G, 5 Clear Prisms, Tabbias

015: Wanted: Exemplary Armor
Location: Evermore
Reward: 740 Exp, 2450 KG, 3 Red Prisms 

016: Wanted: A Well-Good Weapon
Location: Evermore
Reward: 740 Exp, 2450 KG, 3 Green Prisms

017: A Gift for Gao Jia
Location: Evermore
Reward: 550 Exp, 1080 KG, Queasy Bighorn Spear

018: Chi Pi, the Master Carpenter
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 520 Exp, 330 G, Puzzling Tower Toppler, Chi Pi

019: Ah Chu, the Caring Blacksmith
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 500 Exp, 360 G, 5 Silver Nuggets, Ah Chu

020: Yu Kan, The Kind Teacher
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 480 Exp, 390 G, Loonycorn x5, Citizen: Yu Kan

021: Fitch, the Friendly Blacksmith
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 470 Exp, 430 G, 5 Milky Crystal, Fitch

022: Long Mein, Ardent Guardsman
Location: Goldpaw, by the entrance
Reward: 1560 Exp, 570 G, Songbook No. 31, Long Mein

023: Hau Ling’s Fall from Grace
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 610 Exp, 310 G, 5 Babbling Wonderwater, Hau Ling

024: Miss Henny’s Misfortune
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 1230 Exp, 460 G, Dark Hag’s Finger, Henny

025: Alice, AKA Mini Martha!
Location: Auntie Martha’s Cottage
Reward: 810 Exp, 620 G, 2 Angel’s Tear, Alice

026: Muuurielll!
Location: Forest of Niall, by Sunnypath Pond
Reward: 1110 Exp, 400 G, 5 Greenglade Cotton, Muriel

027: The Hard-Nosed Huntress
Location: Spineshiver Grove
Reward: 2020 Exp, 620 G, Bright Ammonite Bow, Moggie May

028: Tales of Derring-Do
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 3240 Exp, 840 G, Long-Range Ring

029: High-Speed Hot Streaks!
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 610 Exp, 310 G, 3 Hot Streak Spicy Noodles

030: The Seeds of Righteousness
Location: Goldpaw 
Reward: 1230 Exp, 460 G, Swordsman’s Robe

031: Bandits at the Border
Location: Evermore
Reward: 560 Exp, 4200 KG, Baby Buckler

032: Baby Higgledy’s Big Adventure
Location: Evermore
Reward: 1230 Exp, 2800 KG, 5 Comfy Cloth

033: Higgledy Hide-and-Seek!
Location: Evermore
Reward: 1110 Exp, 1840 KG, 5 Snuggly Wool

034: Going at it with Goldpaw
Location: Evermore
Reward: 1560 Exp, 4200 KG, Songbook No. 7

035: Fun with Fungi
Location: Evermore
Reward: 600 Exp, 1460 KG, 5 Sweet Dream Truffle

036: Against the Grain
Location: Evermore
Reward: 600 Exp, 1460 KG, Ruby Huebloom x2, Sapphire Huebloom x2, Coral Huebloom x2

037: Tiller, Long-Distance Rower
Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
Reward: 940 Exp, 450 G, Flexible Fish x2, Frilly Fish x2, Wriggly Eel x2, Tiller

038: Sick of Sandals
Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
Reward: 1570 Exp, 620 G, Darkproof Brute’s Boots

039: The Chicest of Shoes
Location: Evermore
Reward: 940 Exp, 3350 KG, Fireproof Roguish Boots

040: Bao Wao the Street Trader
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 1570 Exp, 540 G, Close-Range Ring, Bao Wao

041: Ringing Around
Location: Hydropolis
Reward: 1040 Exp, 380 G, Soreaway Sweet

042: Daddy Come Home
Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
Reward: 7110 Exp, 2130 G, Wee Urchins x2, Swellfish x2, Seasilk x2, Keeley

043: Filippos, the Novice Hunter
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 1950 Exp, 570 G, Fiery Ogre’s Bow, Filippos

044: Pontus’s Ocean of Knowledge
Location: Kardia Square, Hydropolis
Reward: 1890 Exp, 730 G, Top Lobster, Pontus

045: Glaucus, the Ambitious Angler
Location: Hydropolis
Reward: 1950 Exp, 570 G, Trophy Fish, Glaucus

046: Thaumas, the Suave Sorcerer
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 2300 Exp, 630 G, Mage’s Ring, Thaumas

047: Peleus, the Amiable Armorer
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 2360 Exp, 590 G, Fiery Plunderbuss, Peleus

048: A Career Cut Short
Location: Siren’s Rest, Hydropolis
Reward: 5350 Exp, 1450 G, Songbook No. 1, Nereus

049: Proteus, the Gloomy Jeweler
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 2160 Exp, 800 G, Blue Prisms x3, Proteus

050: Triton the Honest Scholar
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 2210 Exp, 720 G, Magic Muffler, Triton

051: Speio, Priestess in Training
Location: Hydropolis Palace
Reward: 4460 Exp, 1360 G, Watery Wand of Wisdom, Speio

052: Helena, the Hearty Hunter
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 1950 Exp, 570 G, Mermaid’s Delight x2, Helena

053: Lycorias, the Doubtful Guard
Location: Hydropolis Palace
Reward: 6750 Exp, 1990 G, Sickening Dragon Lance, Lycorias

054: Hansel, the Fanciful Gardener
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 1820 Exp, 890 G, Three-Leafed Soreaway x5, Hansel

055: A Secret Sweet Tooth
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 2430 Exp, 1300 G, Runny Honey x5

056: Unfun Fungus
Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
Reward: 5670 Exp, 1560 G, Champion’s Ring

057: The Way to a Man’s Heart…
Location: Hydropolis, by Nautes Harbor
Reward: 1890 Exp, 730 G, Cryptic Close-Range Ring

058: The Best Seafood in Seatown
Location: Hydropolis, by Nautes Harbor
Reward: 1890 Exp, 730 G, A Seafood Odyssey

059: By Hook or By Crook
Location: Hydropolis, by Ankura Harbor
Reward: 1890 Exp, 730 G, Antifreeze Pendant

060: Who’s the Big Boss?
Location: Greenglade Cave
Reward: 3650 Exp, 1020 G, Songbook No. 27

061: Fangs for Everything
Location: Evermore
Reward: 4460 Exp, 11000 KG, Pendant of Grit

062: Skirmish with the Sea’s Finest
Location: Evermore
Reward: 4460 Exp, 11000 KG, Songbook No. 8

063: Tasty Treats Among the Trees
Location: Evermore
Reward: 2430 Exp, 10000 KG, Windy Composite Bow

064: A Most Distressing Dream
Location: Evermore
Reward: 1890 Exp, 6750 KG, Toxaway Pendant

065: A Love Supreme
Location: Hydropolis
Reward: 1890 Exp, 6750 KG, Breezeguard Pendant

066: Triton’s Lost Treasure
Location: Evermore
Reward: 3150 Exp, 8320 KG, Songbook No. 29

067: A Cuttyfish Above
Location: Evermore
Reward: 1890 Exp, 6750 KG, Dripguard Pendant

068: You Can’t Make an Omelet…
Location: Evermore
Reward: 1890 Exp, 6750 KG, Burnguard Pendant

069: Daphne, Glaucus’s Biggest Fan
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3150 Exp, 970 G, Ice Cream Cornucopia x2, Daphne

070: Sense and Sensibilities
Location: Kardia Square in Hydropolis
Reward: 3020 Exp, 1270 G, Dripping Ring, Halimede

071: Thetis, Medicinal Merperson
Location: Emporion Market, Hydropolis
Reward: 4970 Exp, 1610 G, Superior Sixth Censer x2, Thetis

072: Chip the Child Prodigy
Location: Broadleaf
Reward: 3020 Exp, 1270 G, Sage’s Secret, Chip

073: Oz Wants Out
Location: Broadleaf 
Reward: 5530 Exp, 1730 G, Shot-O-Salad x5, Oz

074: Price’s Delayed Delivery
Location: Broadleaf Midtown
Reward: 6570 Exp, 2280 G, Windy Genuine Replica, Price

075: Kent, the Magical Ore Analyst
Location: Broadleaf
Reward: 7470 Exp, 2280 G, Shiny Hearty Pendant, Kent

076: An Upgrade for Andy
Location: Broadleaf
Reward: 5530 Exp, 1730 G, Gold Nugget x5, Andrew

077: Kimmy, the Cool-Headed Cop
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3150 Exp, 970 G, Get-Up-and-Gonuts x3, Kimmy

078: Bot on the Run
Location: Broadleaf Midtown
Reward: 7880 Exp, 2430 G, Shiny Mage’s Ring, Cindy May

079: Candy, the Spirit-Seeker
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3400 Exp, 1230 G, Hush-Be-Gone x3, Candy

080: The Search for Eternal Youth
Location: Dome Park, Broadleaf  
Reward: 4740 Exp, 2000 G, Chill-Be Gone x3, Krystal

081: Brodie’s Last Big Job
Location: Broadleaf – near the archives
Reward: 5530 Exp, 1730 G, Tranquilium Nugget x5, Brodie

082: Rumpel, the Village Vet
Location: Greenglade Cave
Reward: 8300 Exp, 2590 G, Soreaway Sweet x2, Rumpel

083: Lady Forget-a-Lot
Location: Goldpaw
Reward: 3150 Exp, 970 G, Cough Sweet

084: Head-to-Head in Hydropolis
Location: Siren’s Rest, Hydropolis
Reward: 3150 Exp, 970 G, Strawberry Chew

085: Green Fingers, Idle Hands
Location: Broadleaf 
Reward: 4970 Exp, 1610 G, Four-Leafed Soreaway x2

086: Bulking up Batu-Style!
Location: Lower Uptown, Broadleaf
Reward: 3020 Exp, 1270 G, Shiny Close-Range Ring

087: Do You Believe in Higgledies?
Location: Upper Downtown, Broadleaf
Reward: 5250 Exp, 1490 G, Songbook No. 30

088: A Matter of Taste
Location: Lower Midtown, Broadleaf
Reward: 3020 Exp, 1270 G, Mom’s Meat Pie x2

089: At the Cutting Edge
Location: Lower Uptown, Broadleaf
Reward: 3020 Exp, 1270 G, Nixaway Necklace

090: Tyran 4 Evermore
Location: Evermore
Reward: 6570 Exp, 50000 KG, Shiny Baby Buckler

091: The Great Higgledy Hunt
Location: Evermore
Reward: 5330 Exp, 18500 KG, Ponderwool x3, Witch’s Wool x3

092: Big Unveiling in Broadleaf
Location: Sequoia Valley
Reward: 6570 Exp, 50000 KG, Songbook No. 9

093: New Model Armor
Location: Evermore
Reward: 3750 Exp, 31500 KG, Ice Prism x3

094: Seeking Superior Weapons
Location: Evermore
Reward: 3750 Exp, 31500 KG, Sunset Prism x3

095: Da Xing, the Haughty Herbalist
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3550 Exp, 1150 G, All-Be-Gone x2

096: Yip-Yip, the Master Tailor
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3550 Exp, 1150 G, Footman’s Brocade x3, Knight’s Brocade x3, Yip-Yip

097: Mylas’s Big Adventure
Location: Nautes Harbor, Hydropolis
Reward: 3380 Exp, 1490 G, Anti-Nixing Liberator’s Cloak, Mylas

098: Ladies Love Fabulous Phorkys
Location: Nautes Harbor, Hydropolis
Reward: 5260 Exp, 2280 G, Chaotic Ax of Champions, Phorkys

099: Hipponoe, the Shy Artist
Location: Hydropolis
Reward: 3390 Exp, 1490 G, Aquarium Jelly x3, Hipponoe

100: Sybilla, the Decisive Diver
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3550 Exp, 1150 G, Kraken’s Catch x2, Sibylla

101: Drew, the Capable Cop
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 4020 Exp, 1580 G, The CEO x2, Drew

102: Eli, the Dapper Designer
Location: Swift Solutions
Reward: 3550 Exp, 1150 G, Confusion-Be-Gone x3, Eli

103: Brooke, Committed Careerist
Location: Dome Park, Broadleaf
Reward: 5690 Exp, 2130 G, Punisher’s Ring, Brooke

104: Briana, Bold Weapon Designer
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3940 Exp, 1690 G, Big Cheese Cake x2, Briana

105: Francine, the Impresario
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 3830 Exp, 1830 G, Savior’s Tear, Francine

106: The World’s Best Buyer
Location: Lower Midtown, Broadleaf
Reward: 5530 Exp, 1860 G, Ruthless Ring, Morgan

107: Furnest, the Inscrutable Author
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 3550 Exp, 1150 G, Milkmaid’s Delight x3, Furnest

108: Wolf-Poker Incarnate
Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
Reward: 4880 Exp, 1370 G, Shiny Long-Range Ring

109: Return to Sender
Location: Emporion Market, Hydropolis
Reward: 9540 Exp, 3070 G, Hydropolitan Stew x2 

110: Drakon in Distress
Location: Siren’s Rest, Hydropolis
Reward: 6130 Exp, 1980 G, Milk Chew

111: Three-Minute Steaks
Location: Lower Midtown, Broadleaf
Reward: 3550 Exp, 1150 G, Blazing Ring, Executive Steak x5

112: Healing Rifts with Higgledies
Location: Upper Downtown, Broadleaf
Reward: 5810 Exp, 1710 G, Brightguard Pendant

113: Energy for Everyone!
Location: Lower Uptown, Broadleaf
Reward: 3380 Exp, 1490 G, Rocket Fuel x5

114: Screw Loose!
Location: Lower Uptown, Broadleaf 
Reward: 3380 Exp, 1490 G, Dingy Ring

115: A Not-So-Watchful Eye
Location: East Wood
Reward: 9130 Exp, 2910 G, Dingeguard Pendant

116: The Secrets of the Sauce
Location: Goldpaw 
Reward: 5530 Exp, 34000 KG, Necklace of Insight

117: The Sweet Stink of Success
Location: Evermore 
Reward: 4150 Exp, 46000 KG, Determined Gaudy Galoshes

118: Building Up to an Attack
Location: Evermore
Reward: 7260 Exp, 635000 KG, Profiteer’s Pendant

119: Sweet Salvation
Location: Evermore
Reward: 3380 Exp, 24000 KG, Pendant of Pluck

120: Rocking the Boats
Location: Evermore
Reward: 5530 Exp, 34000 KG, Wider-Awake Charm

121: Tying the Knot
Location: Evermore
Reward: 3380 Exp, 24000 KG, Wizardly Robes of Wisdom

122: Ya Pi, the Proud Soldier
Location: Fortune Square, Goldpaw 
Reward: 10430 Exp, 3890 G, Chilly Radiant Blade

123: The Goddess of Good Luck
Location: Goldpaw Casino
Reward: 6110 Exp, 4030 G, Initiate’s Ring, Yo Ho-Ho

124: Callianeira, Priestess of Water
Location: Hydropolis Palace
Reward: 10430 Exp, 3890 G, Windy Gemfire Wand, Callianeira

125: Trey’s Missing Memolith
Location: Goldpaw 
Reward: 5300 Exp, 1920 G, Somnium Nugget x5

126: Jared, the Elite Officer
Location: Swift Solutions
Reward: 5300 Exp, 2220 G, Lean Meat x2, Chunky Meat x2, Gamey Meat x2, Jared

127: Alexis, the Hard-Nosed Cop
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 5210 Exp, 2350 G, Elite Archer’s Ring, Alexis

128: Norbert, the Future Historian
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 5080 Exp, 2440 G, Frothy Coffee x2, Norbert

129: Klaus, the Master Merchant
Location: Swift Solutions
Reward: 4800 Exp, 2800 G, Songbook No. 11, Klaus

130: Raxel, One-Eyed Mercenary
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 7240 Exp, 2230 G, Venomous Prism Spear, Raxel

131: The Engraver’s Riddle
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 6110 Exp, 4030 G, Lemon Drop, Grampuss

132: Grimm’s Determination
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 9130 Exp, 3910 G, Freezing Redeemer’s Sword, Grimm

133: Ritter’s Got Tailor’s Block!
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 6110 Exp, 4030 G, Shiny Magic Muffler, Ritter

134: Pollution Solution
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 8710 Exp, 2750 G, Poised Pendant

135: The Misunderstood Magician
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 4500 Exp, 3100 G, Cozy Curry x2, Grisella

136: Kitty, the Bubbly Baker
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 5010 Exp, 2020 G, Sardine Sandwich x5, Kitty

137: The People’s Pâtissière
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 8290 Exp, 3290 G, Higgledy Heal Pendant, Rosamund

138: Marlene, Good Girl Gone Bad
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 10430 Exp, 3890 G, Ring of Spite, Marlene

139: Lady Trudy, Charming Farmer
Location: Swift Solutions Store
Reward: 4350 Exp, 3210 G, Quiltaloupe x2, Blushing Peach x2, Noon Glory x2, Lady Trudy

140: Taming Tyger
Location: Hermit’s Holllow
Reward: 7660 Exp, 3520 G, Shiny Champion’s Ring

141: The Tainted Wyvern
Location: Sky Pirates’ Base
Reward: 10030 Exp, 3240 G, Pitchguard Pendant

142: The Perfect Present
Location: Goldpaw Casino
Reward: 5010 Exp, 2430 G, Wide-Awake Charm

143: Make My Sister Smile Again
Location: Upper Downtown, Broadleaf
Reward: 8550 Exp, 2960 G, Violet Pastille

144: The Dark Side of Development
Location: Broadleaf 
Reward: 10430 Exp, 3890 G, Songbook No. 25

145: Fresh Fish Suppers for All!
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 5300 Exp, 1920 G, Fish Supper x13

146: Time for Tea
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 5300 Exp, 1920 G, Pile o’ Pancakes x2

147: The Bandits are Back…Again!
Location: Evermore
Reward: 10430 Exp, 117500 KG, Shiny Bulwark Brooch

148: Power Dressing
Location: Evermore
Reward: 5010 Exp, 67000 KG, Wearable Tech

149: An Unexpected Windfall
Location: Evermore 
Reward: 8180 Exp, 84000 KG, Bright Ring

150: On Cold Ground
Location: Evermore
Reward: 5010 Exp, 67000 KG, Arrowhead Carrot x2, Lampkin x2, Prism Pepper x2

151: Almost Too Good to Be True…
Location: Evermore
Reward: 8930 Exp, 90000 KG, Greenling Garb

152: Ding-Dong vs Ding Dong Dell
Location: Evermore
Reward: 10430 Exp, 117500 KG, Songbook No. 10

153: A Gruff, Gruff Grandad
Location: Evermore
Reward: 6110 Exp, 103500 KG, Enigma Prism

154: Nu Bi’s Crisis of Confidence
Location: Evermore 
Reward: 6110 Exp, 103500 KG, Dream Prism x3

155: Toil and Trouble
Location: Evermore 
Reward: 5010 Exp, 67000 KG, Songbook No. 28

156: Longing for Lustrous Locks
Location: Evermore
Reward: 5010 Exp, 67000 KG, Higgledy Help Pendant

157: Wish Upon a Stone
Location: Evermore 
Reward: 5010 Exp, 67000 KG, Treacle Toffee

158: Dressed to Kill
Location: Evermore
Reward: 6800 Exp, 104500 KG, Vestments of Victory

159: A Man of Many Names
Location: Capstan-upon-Hull
Reward: 9650 Exp, 3810 G, Great Sage’s Secret, Sin-Gul

160: Dekkah’s Grand Tour
Location: Rolling Hills
Reward: 10550 Exp, 7580 G, Stable Devil’s Trumpets, Dekkah

161: Testing the One True King
Location: Evermore
Reward: 17910 Exp, 6310 G, Songbook No. 2, Senturi

162: Tyran’s Lament
Location: Evermore
Reward: 9650 Exp, 3810 G, Adept’s Ring, Tyran

163: Kingdom of Crystal Seas
Location: Hydropolis
Reward: 15190 Exp, 5650 G, Hydropolitan King’s Robes

164: A Tall Order
Location: Ding Dong Dell
Reward: 18990 Exp, 6740 G, Songbook No. 26

165: A Higgledy and a Half
Location: Evermore
Reward: 15380 Exp, 153500 KG, Wizard King’s Secret

166: A Blossoming Art Career
Location: Evermore 
Reward: 8960 Exp, 148000 KG, Phoenix Tear

167: Legend of the Bright Bellies
Location: Evermore
Reward: 10550 Exp, 210000 KG, Sovereign Soreaway Sweet

168: Currying Flavor
Location: Evermore
Reward: 10550 Exp, 210000 KG, Songbook No. 17

169: Sap for the Zapper
Location: Evermore
Reward: 8960 Exp, 148000 KG, Supreme Sixth Censer

170: The Divine Silence
Location: Evermore
Reward: 16830 Exp, 183000 KG, Songbook No. 6

171: A Costume Fit for a Consul
Location: Evermore
Reward: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Chief Consul’s Coat

172: Pretty as a Princess!
Location: Evermore
Reward: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Queen’s Gown

173: Classy Cloud Snake Clobber
Location: Evermore
Reward: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Commander’s Clobber

174: Jazzing Up the Junior Consul
Location: Evermore
Reward: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Junior Consul’s Clothes

175: Outfit Upgrade for Bracken
Location: Evermore
Reward: 12000 Exp, 195000 KG, Ingenious Outfit

Higgledy Stones

Twinkle the Twee
Location: Jumblewoods, Evermore
Material Needed: Rugged Fur

Popple the Pure
Location: Jumblewoods, Evermore
Material Needed: Slumbergull Feather

Frumious the Flammable
Location: Tightfit Cavern, Evermore
Material Needed: Hardwearing Wool

Filigree the Flighty
Location: Cloudcoil Canyon, Evermore Mountains
Material Needed: Munchy Nut

Larrican the Leafy
Location: Cloudcoil Canyon, Evermore Mountains
Material Needed: Prism Pepper

Tove the Tenebrous
Location: Wyvern’s Den, Evermore Mountains
Material Needed: Single Cream

Motley the Menace
Location: Crosswater Cavern, Rolling Hills
Material Needed: Snow-White Thread

Bawbee the Bandit
Location: Old Well, Rolling Hills
Material Needed: Blossomwheat

Dimity the Dastardly
Location: Old Well, Rolling Hills
Material Needed: Forked Tail Bone

Tilly-Loo the Twinkly
Location: Tumbledown Shrine, Rolling Hills
Material Needed: Clear Prism

Slithy the Spelunker
Location: Crooked Cavern, Northern Islands
Material Needed: Glacier Crystal Cluster

Dirge the Dismal
Location: Shiverwood Shrine, Calmlands
Material Needed: Twisty Bone

Location: Forest of Niall, Hard Woods, Calmlands
Material Needed: Nightmare Prism

Mutton-Bane the Mushy
Location: Forest of Niall, Auld Woods, Calmlands
Material Needed: Gunkshrooms

Whiting the Lighting
Location: Unsung Shrine, Calmlands
Material Needed: Heavenly Wonderwater

Gabardine the Gawker
Location: Death’s Door, Calmlands
Material Needed: Knight’s Brocade

Mimber the Meanderer
Location: Hidey Hole, Calmlands
Material Needed: Sackcloth

Tundle the Tropical
Location: Dampshoe Cave, Makronos Island
Material Needed: Coral Huebloom

Dishcloth the Dragony
Location: Seaspray Tunnel, Makronos Island
Material Needed: Briar Coral

Haddock the Fishy
Location: Abyss, 1000 Fathoms Deep, Makronos Island
Material Needed: Bright Button

Clambunctious the Calm
Location: Abyss, 3000 Fathoms Deep, Makronos Island
Material Needed: Bighorn Shell

Teakettle the Toasty
Location: Bleachbone Shrine, Desert
Material Needed: Fluffy Cloth

Vorpal the Volcanic
Location: Sunshade Shrine, Desert
Material Needed: Sunnysmile Cotton

Boss-Woss the Bruiser
Location: Shrine That Time Forgot, Broadleaf
Material Needed: Bolt Eagle Feather

Unkimmon the Uncommon
Location: Sublime Shrine, Broadleaf
Material Needed: Coarse-Grained Lumber

Bumblebizz the Blowy
Location: Fathomless Forest, Broadleaf
Material Needed: Fine Fur

Topturvy the Testy
Location: Broadleaf Dynafloor No. 2, Broadleaf
Material Needed: Scented Sap

Slingsby the Scorcher
Location: Broadleaf Dynafloor No. 3, Broadleaf
Material Needed: Whole Milk

Malignity the Indignity
Location: Ice House, Frost Planes
Material Needed: Sturdy Bone

Benison the Bright
Location: Freezybones Cave, Frost Planes
Material Needed: Enigma Prism

Tainted Monsters

Level: 22
Location: Wiggly Way

Level: 22
Location: Spineshiver Grove

Level: 22
Location: Shipshire Cape

Level: 23
Location: Heartlands

Level: 23
Location: Tight Cavern

Level: 24
Location: Sundown Woods

Level: 25
Location: Looks Cave

Level: 26
Location: Sundown Coast

Level: 27
Location: Dugout

Level: 29
Location: Starboard Isle

Level: 30
Location: Shallow Shoals

Level: 31
Location: Shallow Shoals

Level: 33
Location: Shrine of Pining

Level: 34
Location: Jack Frost’s Playground

Level: 34
Location: Capaneus’s Crypt

Level: 35
Location: Upheer Plain

Level: 37
Location: Makronos

Level: 37
Location: Eert Grove

Level: 38
Location: Fathomless Forest

Level: 38
Location: Unsung Shrine

Level: 40
Location: Larboard Isle

Level: 41
Location: Runaway Cave

Level: 42
Location: Jack Frost’s Playground

Level: 43
Location: Near Makronos

Level: 44
Location: Drylands

Level: 44
Location: Powder Keg Cavern

Level: 45
Location: Near Broadleaf

Level: 45
Location: Drylands

Level: 46
Location: Greenglade Cave

Level: 46
Location: Wiggly Way

Level: 47
Location: East Wood

Level: 48
Location: Ding Dong Well

Level: 48
Location: Leucippes’ Labyrinth

Level: 49
Location: Western Woods

Level: 49
Location: Dampshoe Cave

Level: 51
Location: Wyverns’ Den

Level: 52
Location: Shivery Shrine

Level: 53
Location: Nazcaä

Level: 54
Location: 90141 Exp

Level: 56
Location: Backwaters

Level: 57
Location: Near Broadleaf

Level: 58
Location: Tumbledown Shrine

Level: 59
Location: Sunshade Shrine

Level: 62
Location: Shabby Shrine

Level: 63
Location: Ice House

Level: 64
Location: Jack Frost’s Playground

Level: 65
Location: Drylands

Starless Knight
Level: 66
Location: Bleachbone Shrine

Level: 68
Location: Jack Frost’s Playground

Level: 69
Location: Far-flung Cape

Level: 71
Location: Eventide Trail

Level: 73
Location: Briney Shrine

Level: 74
Location: Plainview Plateau

Level: 75
Location: Seat of the Sea Beast

Level: 77
Location: Cloudcoil Canyon

Level: 78
Location: Factory Floors

Level: 79
Location: Old Well

Level: 83
Location: Nogo Plateau

Level: 86
Location: Shrine of Unity

Level: 90
Location: Forest of Niall


Songs From Chests, the rest are from side quests or tainted monsters.

  • 03: Found in Nogo Plateau – Outdoor Region (Blue Treasure Chest)
  • 04: Found on Starboard Isle – Outdoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 05: Found in Upheer Plain – Outdoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 12: Found in Ding Dong Dell, Old Well – Indoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 13: Found in Cloudcoil Canyon – Indoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 14: Found in Forest of Niall, Hard Woods – Indoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 15: Found in Abyss, 3000 Fathoms Deep – Indoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 16: Found in Broadleaf, Dynafloor No. 3 – Indoor Region (Treasure Chest)
  • 18: Found in Rubby Ruins – Outside Region (Blue Treasure Chest)
  • 19: Found in Snaketooth Ridge – Outdoor Region (Treasure Chest)
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