Attack on Titan 2 – Titan Research Values

These are the items and skills that Titan Research will give you.

Goodies from Titan Research After Max Level

I’m going to start with the best to worst. Please keep in mind that these are not in order from when you unlock them, this was made so you can see if it’s worth capturing and maxing out Titan Research.

SOS Call

Resets buddy action cooldown.

About Titans Volume 1-3

Increases Titan damage.

  • About Titans Volume 1 – 8 points: verly slightly increases damage against titans 
  • About Titans Volume 2 – 9 points: slightly increases damage against titans
  • About Titans Volume 3 – 10 points: increases damage against titans 

I only recommend using volume 3, stacking them is a waste of points.


Draws in Titans to a certain location.

  • Small radius
  • Does not make Titans lose sight of you


Lowers Titan attention.

  • Will not make a Titan instantly lose sight of you 
  • Makes Titans attention gauge slower (isn’t that good)

Back-up Signal

Allows you to link with the nearest soldier by shooting a flare.

Bugged: sometimes does not work.


Allows quick movement while injured.

Shining Powder

Increases Titans attention onto the player.

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