Gothicc Breaker – Achievement Guide

Just a quick guide to this short-but-sweet games simple achievements.


Get the ball to maximum speed. Like most breakout-type games, the ball speeds up the longer you keep it in play. To get this faster, collect the power-ups that look like the achievement icon to speed the ball up, and avoid the grey ones where the triangles are pointing the other way, as they slow the ball down.

Take a Look!

Collect one of the power-ups that looks like an upside-down heart. (Can you guess what it does?)

Now, That’s Something!

Reach maximum paddle size. The power-ups with two arrows pointing outwards will increase the size of the paddle, and the power-ups with two arrows pointing inwards will shrink it. Just collect two ‘increase’ power-ups without dying or collecting any other paddle altering power-ups to get the largest paddle.

Pew Pew!

The power-up that looks like gunfire will add guns to your paddle that you can fire by tapping the space bar. Just blaze away every time you get it, and destroy a cumulative total of 25 blocks for the achievement.

So Many Balls!

Get six or more balls on screen at once. The power-up that looks like three balls will split every ball on screen into three, so you need to collect two of those without letting more than one ball escape after the first split. The easiest way to do this is on level 20 (the last level) – Fire the ball through the gap in the right, and it’ll be trapped in the area above. Grab a split power-up and hopefully all three balls will remain trapped and start activating a rain of power-ups. Grab another split from those, and you’re golden. Might take a couple of tries because of the randomness of the power-ups, but it’ll happen.

Good Job!

Complete every level in the game. Shouldn’t take too long. Remember that right-way-up heart power-ups give you extra lives, and that when you get a game over you can start on the last level you reached. The ‘mushroom’ and ‘flaming ball’ power-ups are also good for clearing levels quickly.

Written by Werewolf2000ad

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